Wild Weekend

1984, Directed by Bruce Seven
Ginger Lynn (Allen)
Tom Byron
Sue Hart
Crystal Breeze
Elaine Sutherland
Misty Brentwood
Marc Wallice (Don Webber)
Steve Drake
Peter North (Matt Ramsey,Al Brown)
Gina Valentina
Shone Tee

The traits of the stylish Bruce Seven totally shines through in this

Ginger Lynn-solo
Ginger Lynn is talking on the phone in her modest home in the hills,
she is bare naked with black high heels. She tells her friend to 
come over because her parents are away for the weekend. When Ginger
hangs up she begins to go about masturbating for a solid five minutes
straight. She stops only when the doorbell rings. She quickly throws
on some panties but doesn't bother with her top. She answers the
door with her tit's hanging out. Crystal Breeze is standing

Ginger Lynn/Crystal Breeze-Lesbian
Ginger and Crystal slowly settle into some scorching hot-Bruce 
Seven style lesbianism. Rough and sweaty, both girls are wearing
highheels. They decide to call there friend.

Shone Tee/Gina Valentina-straight sex(intercut with Ginger and Crystal)
Shone and Gina(looking absolutely gorgeous here) go at it in
a several postioned fuck that lasts quite a long time and
is very hot. He pops on her stomach (No heels) 

Ginger Lynn/Crystal Breeze/Peter North-threeway
Door bell rings again, Crystal goes and hides. Ginger repeats
the door bell answer proceedure, only panties-no top. Peter
North(straight from gayporn)looking very muscular is led into
Gingers home. Ginger peels his pants off(of course he has no
underwear on) she sucks his dick hard. The two start having
sex, Crystal comes in and surprises Peter. The three go at it
in a scorching wild sweaty scene, that eventually finds Ginger
watching as Peter literally dog slams the hell out of Crystal's
pussy. He sprays a huge load all over Crystals sweaty back which
Ginger laps up. (heels everywhere)

Crystal Breeze/Steve Drake-straight
Starts in a pool eventually Crystal and Steve screw up some stairs
and evetually into a loft where the two pound away in another multi-
postioned scene. Steve pops on her tummy (no heels)

Ginger Lynn-Peter North-staright sex
Ginger answers the door in some really hot clothes. Peter is back
with groceries. The two get right down to it. They throw it down
in a scorcher that finds Peter hammering hard into Ginger doggie
style. It ends with Ginger sticking her finger up his butt and him
squirting a monster load on Gingers breasts. He literally coats them.
If you really watch the scene, you can actually see Gingers boobs
grow. As Peter is jerking, her boobs hang as he is finishing squirting
they are hard as a rock, nipples jutting.

Ginger Lynn/Tom Byron
Ginger Lynn/Marc Wallice
Ginger Lynn/Marc Wallice/Crystal Breeze
Ginger Lynn/Crystal Breeze/Peter North/Tom Byron
Ginger Lynn/Tom Byron/Marc Wallice/Crystal Breeze
Gina Valentina/Shone Tee
Gina Valentina/Peter North/Steve Drake
Gina Valentina/Tom Byron/Peter North
Elaine Sutherland/Marc Wallice
Elaine Sutherland/Tom Byron
Cyrstal Breeze/Tom Byron(kiss and touch)
Crystal Breeze/Peter North
Crystal Breeze/Ginger Lynn/Marc Wallice
Crystal Breeze/Marc Wallice
Sue Hart/Steve Drake
Sue Hart/Shone Tee

The orgy is long and hot and the women aren't wearing heels. The scene
starts with Ginger introducing Crstal Breeze who does an absolutely
scorching dance that ends in Peter North's lap. 
Everyone starts having sex. Ginger is mounted by Tom, Peter and 
Crystal resume where they left off earlier in the film. Marc
Wallice tackles the unnattractive Elaine Sutherland. Steve has
his dick worked over by Sue Hart. Shone Tee stays limp even in the
mouth of Gina. Once everyone gets over their shyness things cut
loose. Tom can't wait to stick his meat into Elaine Sutherlands
mouth. Peter and Steve tackle Gina and Steve eventually pops on
her butt. Crystal Breeze and Ginger give Marc a going over with
a double blowjob(Marc is stoned and you can tell)This culminates
in a threeway. Marc goes from Crystals snatch to Gingers then back
after Tom decides to join in and get Ginger's. Shone Tee finds
solace in Sue Harts snatch. Much contortion in this scene(Sue keeps
her heels on)he eventually blows his load into his own stomach.
Marc and Crystal end up together and Marc cums on her face, they
screw and Marc cums again on her tummy, then Marc goes back in for 
thirds.Ginger Lynn and Tom Byron go at it on a barkalounger, then they
get into a fourway where Tom tackles Gina's snatch with tons
of verocity, at the same time Gina and Ginger give Peter head
until he blows a huge geyser into the air, onto Gingers face,
in Gina hair and everywhere. Just about the same time Tom pulls
out and blows his load on Gina's butt, Ginger laps it up then 
exclaims "what a team!!!"

Ginger Lynn/Peter North(kiss and touch)
Ginger Lynn/Shone Tee(kiss and touch)
Ginger Lynn/Elaine Sutherland(kiss and touch)
Ginger Lynn/Tom Byron(kiss and touch)
Ginger Lynn/Sue Hart(kiss and touch)
Ginger Lynn/Steve Drake(kiss and touch)
Ginger Lynn/Misty Brentwood(kiss and touch)
Ginger Lynn/Marc Wallice(kiss and touch)
Elaine Sutherland/Tom Byron(touch)
Sue Hart/Tom Byron
Elaine Sutherland/Shone Tee
Ginger Lynn/Steve Drake
Crystal Breeze/Peter North
Misty Brentwood/Marc Wallice

The group sits around playing a card game. Ginger loses and has to
dance in sexy lingerie for the group. She crushes out her cigar and
goes to it. In sexy yellow lingerie she dances about the room
kissing a sticking her butt and pussy is the guys and girls faces.
Tom ends up with her undies on his head. (All the girls have heels on)
The group picks their partners then go at it. Shone wants Ginger but
settles for Elaine, then can't get it up. He doesn't even cum. Peter
and Crystal go at it again, and it isn't that interesting. His load
is even normal which lands on her pubes. Marc is the first to let
go on sweet Misty Brentwoods tummy. Ginger seems more preoccupied
with her clothes then Steve and when he pops on her butt, she seems
bored. Tom and Sue are the only couple seemingly into it. Tom works
away effortlessly inside Sue's monster-sized gaping pussy and seems
to do little as he seems stuck all the way inside her. He end up
poping a huge load on her backside. Tom has the films last line
"this was the best orgy I have ever been to...well, second best"

High-Heels........ 	 High-heels were everywhere(a pair or 
			 more per scene)
Feet...............	 There were some great shots of feet
Wrists.............	 Gina has great wrists.
Legs and Calves... 	 The women all have great legs and I guess 
			 so do the guys. 
Smoking........... 	 Ginger Lynn smoked a cigar in a scene.
Sex with drugged people..Marc Wallice is stoned? during the
			 first orgy
Shaved...........	 Most of the women had thin pubes lines, but
			 weren't shaved.

Comments: Ginger Lynn was so wonderfully gorgeous and her butt
and body was perfect, very muscular. The entire cast for that 
matter was in their prime. They were all tanned and very healthy. 
Peter North was pure beefy muscle and Tom was thin and up to 
anything with anybody. The industry was beginning to discover Peter's 
orgasmic ability. Bruce utitlized some great shots of Gingers butt 
as she walked to the door in several scenes. He also seemed to love 
showing Ginger's pouty face alot, tons of close-ups of her face 
in this film. Sweaty bodies also were in abundance. 

Two funny scenes: A crew member is in the house and
can be seen in the second scene and anohter crewmember can be
seen the first orgy just before Marc cums on Crystals tummy. 
One of the first films I have ever seen and I remember it like 
it was yesterday. 

Ginger Lynn(Allen) was my Queen and her unrelenting gallant knight 
Tom Byron, would offer me hours of enjoyment as I watched this hundreds 
of times, wearing the tape out until I had to go buy another.

Thus began my fascination with pornography.

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