White Boys & Black Bitches

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Subject:          Review: White Boys & Black Bitches

Another one of those movies that makes you question the intelligence of
the people who name these movies.

Starring: Janet Jacme, Sinnamon, Rachel St. Marie

Scene 1: Sinnamon takes on 5 guys. The gang bang ensues. Scene is pretty
good, since there are only 5 guys there are not so many shots of guys
standing around holding their pricks. There is one part where Sinnamon
is DPed while standing up and being help by one of the guys. Some anal
action here. The only dissapointment is the cumshot. Two guys come on
her box, on on her tits and two guys on her face and mouth. Pretty good.

Scene 2: Janet Jacme takes on 5-6 guys (the camera really never gave me
a chance for an accurate count).  This scene is scorching. Janet acts
like a nympho throughout the entire scene. All the guys (minus Joey
Silvera who is sitting on a cargo net) surround Janet with their cocks
and this seems to send Janet into a frenzy. She gets their cocks so wet
with her spit that, in rubbing the cocks on her face, her face becomes
soaked.  After fucking three of the guys, she climbs into the cargo net
and attacks (I can't think of a better way to describe it) Silvera.
There is a mattress in the middle of the net, where the guys continue
pounding on her. Not sure about whether or not there is any anal here,
the camera doesn't do this scene justice.  Most of the guys come on
Janet's incredible ass(which is a BIG disappointment to me, as I was
looking forward to a group facial), and Joey cums on her face (well at
least he acts like he did, Janet is so sweaty at the end of this scene,
I'm not sure). Janet is so hot that while Joey is jerking off above her,
she is franticly rubbing her twat.

Scene 3: Rachel St. Marie and 5 guys.  Okay scene, no real heat as
Rachel never really (to me at least) get into the scene. Again, all but
on of the guys come on her ass, and the last cumshot is a facial (weak).

If you even moderatly like Janet Jacme, rent this one for sure.
Otherwise it depends on your taste in gang bangs.


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