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Gary was asking about April West (aka Jennifer Miles).

This compact, blonde cutie was a real heart-breaker in the late 80's.
She looked the girl next door, or real a real college co-ed on a lark.

I may have done a videography for April before, but she's certainly
worth doing again.

> I checked the FAQs database...came up with nothing!  
> She's a hot blonde, one of my old favs....
> WEHT? Did she ever do facials??
> Gary

You obviously didn't visit my site  (  

[Should my site be mentioned in the FAQ?]
[MOD: wouldn't be a bad idea, however the IAFD probably lists April 
under her first used name: Jennifer Miles, implying that the aka 
database doesn't work yet -- Frans]

You can get scene lists (like below but without the comments which I
just entered), look-up stars aliases (no real names, except perhaps
unknowingly), and retrieve biographical data, and for a select few stars
(April among them) a picture.

I don't know what has become of April.  I hope that she is
healthy and happy.  I'm sure she is.

My records don't show any facials, but my notes aren't always that

Looking at April's Videography we see some distinct patterns.  Mostly she
work for Paul Thomas and Vivid, but she also play in some of John
Leslie's best early features.   She may not have made a lot a films,
but she managed get herself cast in a number of very good films.

I'm commenting on these from memory.  I may get some details wrong.
If I haven't already, I may do more complete reviews of some of the
better videos a little later, if I have time to go back an watch them

# The Chameleon
c 3.94/4V/3E 1989 VCA, John Leslie
.. April West, Scott Irish
.. Debi Diamond (Hanson), Tom Byron
.. Victoria Paris, Tori Welles, Peter North
.. Pamela Rose, Lynn Francis, Ray Victory
.. Victoria Paris, Buck Adams
.. Tori Welles, Tom Byron
.. Selena Steele, Joey Silvera
.. Tori Welles, Buck Adams

This film is hot.

Tori stars as a woman who can change her appearance at will.  In the
first scene she's April West, and screws Scott Irish at a cocktail
party while extras look on.  It has a very theatrical feel to it.

In the next scene she's Debi Diamond screwing Tom Byron.  Debi, Billed
as Debi Hanson in what must have been one of her earliest appearances,
looks fabulous--fresh as a daisy, and delivers a hot performance.

The Paris/Welles/North is a classic. although it was a little dark

# Hot Scalding
c 3.94/4V/4E 1989 VCA, John Leslie
.. Pamela Rose, Damien Cashmere, Joey Silvera
.. April West, Megan Leigh, Kathleen Jentry, et al.
.. Megan Leigh, Ron Jeremy
.. Bionca, Jamie Gillis
.. April West, Damien Cashmere
.. Kathleen Jentry, Joey Silvera
.. Cheri Taylor, April West, Blake Palmer, John Smith

Detective Cashmere and Silvera are hired to find Cheri Taylor's missing
daughter.  They find April working in a sex club.  The reunion scene is
definitely scalding.   Brilliant casting.  You can almost believe
that Taylor and West are mother and daughter.

# Second Skin
c 3.35/4V/1E 1989 VCA, John Leslie
.. Cheri Taylor, Mike Horner
.. Charli St. Cyr, Jamie Gillis
.. Cheri Taylor, Damien Cashmere, Joey Silvera, Jamie Gillis
.. Ona Zee, Jamie Gillis
.. Ona Zee, Mike Horner
.. April West, Pamela Rose, Joey Silvera

A gang of criminals, lead by a menacingly evil Jamie Gillis, hold a house
full of people hostage while they hide out from the police.

The implicit violence in this video is strangely arousing.

# Strange Curves
c 3.55/4V 1990 VCA, John Leslie
.. Victoria Paris, Buck Adams, Ray Victory
.. Sasha Strange, Kelli Warner, Joey Silvera
.. Victoria Paris, Scott Irish
.. Charli, Tom Byron
.. April West, Joey Silvera

Another dark, moody, and violent feature from Leslie.  As I recall the
plot is a variation on the old let's exchange murders scheme, with
the murdering psychopath played creepily well by Scott Irish.

I really liked this video when I saw it, although I might not rate it
as highly today.

I liked everything Leslie was doing in those days.  Porn Noir.  Dark
and stylish, moody and dangerous, and technically superior.  Unlike
his more recent work that is marred by the hand-held camera-work, and
the ubiquitous back lighting.

# Raw Talent 3
c 2.42/3W/3E 1988 VCA, Jay Paul
.. April West, Jerry Butler
.. Stephanie Rage, Ona Zee, Rick Savage
.. Ona Zee, John A
.. Siobhan Hunter, Jerry Butler
.. April West, Stephanie Rage
.. Jane ABC, Jerry Butler
.. Stephanie Rage, Jerry Butler

Is this the film that nearly (or did) cost Jerry his marriage?
April is hot as always.  Would rather see someone else nail her,
like me, or Peter North.

# First of April
c 2.75/2W/1E 1988 Vivid, Paul Thomas
.. April West, Jerry Butler
.. Lynn LeMay, Jerry Butler
.. April West, Rocky DiLorenzo
.. April West, Stephanie Rage
.. Stephanie Rage, Jerry Butler

April is billed as Jennifer Miles.  This was originally going to be a
"Brat" feature with Jerry Butler as the hapless Morty, and April as
that lovable Brat.

Is this really April's first?

# Torrid
c 2.85/3H Vivid
.. April West, Barbara Dare
.. Tori Welles, Joey Silvera, Lawrence Zevon
.. April West, Joey Silvera
.. April West, Joey Silvera, Barbara Dare
.. April West, Summer Rose, Rick Savage

Despite being a Vivid feature, this video truly is torrid.

Because of the title and because Tori is featured on the boxcover, you
might think this is a Tori feature.  You might feel ripped-off to find
out that Tori is only in one scene, but it's a scorcher--the hottest in
the video.

April West fans will no doubt be pleased.  She's in all but one scene.

I liked this film.  I think I'll do a full review a little later.

# True Confessions of Tori
c 3.10/4V 1989 Vivid, Paul Thomas
.. Tori Welles, Jerry Butler
.. Lynn LeMay, Randy West
.. April West, Jon Dough
.. Tori Welles, Randy West
.. Tori Welles, April West, Jon Dough

Here's a Tori title that delivers Tori, but April has the hottest
scene.  She fucks her boyfriend (Jon Dough) while her father (Randy West)
listens from outside the door.

# Torrid without a Cause
c 2.75/3H 1989 Vivid, Paul Thomas
.. Ariel Knight, April West, Marc Wallice
.. Tori Welles, Tom Byron
.. Sasha Strange, Tom Byron
.. April West, Tori Welles, Randy West
.. Tori Welles, Randy West

Another torrid Tori title.  Randy plays an Elvis-like pop star (Sinbad)
who is suppose to be dead, but is just hiding out.

# The Perfect Brat
c 2.75/3H/2E 1989 Vivid, Paul Thomas
.. Julianne James, Jon Dough
.. Julianne James, Tom Byron
.. Cheri Taylor, Blake Palmer
.. April West, Tom Byron
.. Jessica Wilde, Tom Byron

The perfect Brat was Nikki Randall.  Julianne James makes a OK brat,
but Cheri and April make this worth watching.

# True Confessions of Hyapatia
c 2.25/4V/3E 1989 Vivid, Paul Thomas
- Hyapatia Lee, Jon Dough
.. Cheri Taylor, Jon Dough
.. April West, Hyapatia Lee, Randy West
- Hyapatia Lee, Jon Dough, Sasha Strange
.. Mandi Wine, Nina DePonca, Randy Spears

Awfully tamed compared to Tori's Confessions.

# Sex in Dangerous Places
c 2.05/4H/2E 1988 Vivid, Paul Thomas
.. Barbara Dare
.. Lynn LeMay, Jerry Butler
.. April West, Barbara Dare, Rocky DiLorenzo
.. Diane Wolk, Rick Savage
.. Barbara Dare, Stephanie Rage
.. Barbara Dare, Jerry Butler

Not nearly dangerous enough.

# Twenty Something 3
c 1.96/2C 1989 Vivid, Paul Thomas
.. April West, Stella Starr
.. Lynn LeMay, Jon Dough
.. Stella Starr, Jerry Butler
.. Tori Welles, Jerry Butler
.. Tori Welles, Chip Stokely

April only in a lesbo scene.  Strictly cable-ready fare.  Pass.

# True Love
c 1.90/3H 1989 Vivid, Paul Thomas
.. April West, Barbara Dare
.. Claire Tyler, Eric Price
.. April West, Debi Diamond
+ Barbara Dare, Brett True
.. Barbara Dare, Brett True

Truly Boring.

April is only in lesbians scenes.  Two lesbians scene out of
five.  Dare get screwed by the same guy twice in a row.
What's up with that?  This bites.

# Sleeping Beauty Aroused
c 2.15/3W 1989 Vivid, Paul Thomas
.. Tori Welles, Randy West
.. Hyapatia Lee
.. Ona Zee, Tom Byron
.. Hyapatia Lee, Tori Welles
.. April West, Bob Bullock, Ariel Knight
.. Hyapatia Lee, Bob Bullock
n Don Fernando, Bud Lee

Dull, story-centered, couple-oriented porn.  I fell asleep.


I have data on the following videos, but have never seen them.
They are all Paul Thomas and/or Vivid features.

# Cheating American Style
c 2E 1988 Western, Paul Thomas
r HEV 7.2; HEV 4.1
.. April West (Jennifer Miles), Damien Cashmere
.. Stephanie Rage, Rick Savage
.. Ona Zee, Lynn LeMay
.. Jerry Butler, David Morris, Randy Paul
.. Paul Thomas, Nick Frenier, Louis Paul

# Sweet Spurt of Youth
c 2E 1989 Western, Paul Thomas
r HEV 7.2
.. April West, Jerry Butler, Stephanie Rage, Ona Zee, Siobhan Hunter
.. Damien Cashmere, Rick Savage

# Where the Boys Aren't
c 3H/3E 1989 Vivid, Judy Blue
r AFW 91,90; HEV 7.2
.. April West, Barbara Dare, Tori Welles, Fallon, Christie Leigh
.. Summer Rose

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