Sean Michael's Up Your Ass

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Subject: Scottm Review : Sean Michaels Up Your Ass
Date: 11 Sep 1997 06:30:07 -0400
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Sean Michaels Up Your Ass

Stars :  Missy, Shonna Lynn, Jacqueline Wild, Charly Spark, Tracy Love,
         Marki, Midori, Julian St. Jox, Mr. Marcus, Santino Lee,
         Sean Michaels

Well I'm really just into black women and mostly just into the Midori
scene on this tape.  But I'll give the whole thing a cursory review
in case anyone wants to know.

Tracy & Shonna are the first ladies to sacrifice their rectums to
this movie.  Shonna is made up nicely here.  She looks better
than I've seen her before, and I think she looks pretty good.  Sean
and Marcus come in and the ladies are for some reason eager to give 
them head and to get their ass tunnels harshly fucked.  Tracy Love
gets it especially rough from Sean.  Santino Lee comes in and after
eating her pussy, helps Marcus to double-fuck Shonna.  He looks
good in her rump, he's not too big - by contrast Sean's dick is
probably wreaking havok with Tracy's next few months' worth of bowel
movements.  All of the men come.  The scene is nasty but not erotic.
As usual in Sean's films, there are a lot of somewhat grotesque  
close-ups of big dicks stretching pussies and asses, which I
could live without.

Next up is Midori.  She's a cute little woman with dark skin, a pert
little body, and a friendly oval face.  She looks kind of like the
singer Jodi Watley, if that means anything to you.  Her hair is pulled 
back (she looks very African, I think) and she has a cute, somewhat 
boyish-looking back on display as she gives head to Julian St. Jox 
in an outdoor setting.  They go indoors to a bed and Julian eats her out. 
They fuck, and then he penetrates her little butt.  It's slow and
greasy.  The lucky bastard gets to enjoy her anal charms and then
comes on and in her mouth.  Good scene, more restrained than most
of this tape.

Charly Sparks is next.  Despite my usual aversion to the sexual charms 
of white women, I must say Charlie is very very cute.  She's wearing
little John Lennon-type sunglasses and they look very nice on her.  She's
French apparently.  She sucks, they fuck, and then she dares to take his 
eiffel tower into her ass.  It's harsh, I don't know how women can
take such a thick one back there.  Don't try this at home.  
although Charlie has a nice thick look to her, she's actually thin 
enough that her ribs show during sex.  She looks nice and thick though 
for the most part.  After much buttfucking Sean comes onto her hole and
her pussy.  Not my cup of tea but she's a cute lady.

Marki is next.  She's a mature-looking white lady, kind of cute.  She
says she wants "Sean Michaels Up My Ass" and the fucking proceeds.
She looks like the mother of 2 who lives next door and I'm kind
of enjoying looking at her butt while she rides him.  She lies 
perfectly still while Sean pushes his prong up the butt while 
slapping her white cheeks (I think Sean is a pervert, and not in a
good way).  He buttfucks her for a long while and then comes (just
a little bit) on her face.  This scene was nastier than it needed 
to be.  To me Marki had real erotic possibilities but Sean blew it.

Jacqueline is next.  She's Hungarian and fairly cute I guess if you
like thin white chicks.  They do a bit of everything and then he 
plugs her.  She does have the kind of ass that looks really good
plugged - nice, round, and strong.  Sean does her butt and then comes
on her mouth.

Missy's next.  She's wearing a lot of makeup but looks kind of cute.
She's up for some rather nice "face fucking" with Julian.  Sean slides 
it home vaginally.  Then after a while he gets it in anally despite 
his dick's rather large girth.  Eventually they double-prong her with
Sean in the ass, pronging her thoroughly while she screams and groans
loudly.  Does that turn you on?  It doesn't really turn me on.  It's
a hard butt-fucking though, they got their money's worth from her.

In the end (no pun intended) the sex here is mostly just nasty rather
than erotic.  It's not my cup of tea and the women don't seem to get
treated very well in some scenes.  The Midori scene is nice but I 
wouldn't recommend the tape, I'll give it a 7.0 for Midori though.

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