Private Woodman: Casting X #01

From: (peter ramezap) 


Date: Thu, 20 Nov 97 15:07:46

Organization: Netcom Canada.

Title    : Private Woodman "Casting X #1"

Company  : Private

Cast     : Julia Chanel, Agnes, Blondie, Alona, Inna, Mame Yong, Angela,

           Pierre Woodman and other Private guys

Director : Pierre Woodman

Duration : 2 Hours


Plot: Woodman interviews fresh faces for his videos and magazines.


Note: This is a totally different genre from what Woodman has done before.

This film is like the Ed Powers MDD series where Woodman Interviews the

new girls for casting them in his movies and Private magazines. He asks

them different questions about their lives, sexuality, anal sex, education

and etc. All girls are beautiful and are European. Some of them don't even

know what they are exactly being interviewed for until they see some

sample magazines of Private. Their reaction to the pictures in those

magazine is different and interesting. Besides the interviews which

compose most of this tape, we are shown some scenes from the photo shoots

and the videos in which those girls have appeared if they did, not all of

them did videos. The interviews are all candid and there are no scripts

which makes it interesting. Don't expect to see continuos sex in this

film, this is more about the girls themselves. Some of the scenes are

dubbed during the interviews so at times there were too many voices which

makes it somewhat hard to understand what is being said.


Scene 1: Julia Chanel; from 1992, she has long dark hair, tanned skin, and

beautiful face. Interview, scenes from photo shoots and ANAL CLINIC.

Scene 2: Inna; form 1993, she is 18, Russian, very innocent face and a

great body, small tits but they are nice. Interview, photo shoots, a scene

from PVM 22 which is one of my all time favorite scenes in Private, she

takes on 3 guys, includes TP, facial lovers  don't wanna miss this part

where all 3 guys shoot their loads in her mouth and at the end she spits a

mouthful of cum out on her body.

Scene 3: Mame Yong;  form 1993, she is Asian, cute face and body, long

hair. Interview, scenes from photo shoots.  

Scene 4: Alona; from 1993, Alona alone makes this video worth watching,

she is the hottest looking girl in this video, she has blonde hair and

gray eyes, small but beautiful tits, she is 18, she has the face of an

angel. Interview, scenes from photo shoot. It is really sad that she has

not done any videos for Private. Come on Woodman work your magic.

Scene 5: Agnes; from 1993, she has reddish hair and very beautiful eyes and

body. Interview, Photo shoot.

Scene 6: Blondie, from 1995. OK you Blondie fans here is another chance to

see her on a video. Without make up she looks more innocent during the

interview, she is 18 here and her hair is long enough to reach her hips,

short interview then Woodman treats us to a never seen before footage

of blondie in action. This scene is shot with one camera on a stand so

don't expect to see all the fancy camera work that you are accustomed to

from Woodman, in fact I would say it is poorly shot as bad as Ed Powers

videos, but the action makes it a must see scene. The guy in this scene, I

think is Woodman himself but I could be wrong. He fucks her on a bed in

different positions very hard, doggie, cowgirl, missionary, RC. Then it's

time for anal, yessss. With her positioned in doggie style the guy inserts

his dick in her tight hole and does her TAF( that's short for Turbo Ass

Fucking), then he turns her over for RAC again some good TAF that makes

her moan pretty loud, lovely. Then he cums on her face. This is the best

scene of this video as far as heat goes but the camera work is amateur.

Scene 7: Angela, from 1993, she has a great body and nice face. Interview

and she strips, that's it.

                                THE END


Watching this video made me realize another aspect of the Private 

that is more superior than the Americans, and that is the make up

department, you'll know what I mean when you watch this video.