Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore #10: High Voltage

Subject: Review: Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore #10: High Voltage
From: (Herbie_the_Dentist)
Date: Thu 26 Sep 1996 00:53:21

  The Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore - #10
      High Voltage 

Starring J.R. Carrington - blond, big fake tits; Candi Connor -
blonde; Golden Jade - brunette

1) Looks like this was shot in downtown L.A., filmed in September
or November 1994.  Max meets J.R..  She is cute; though she has
big, obviously fake tits.  They talk for a few, then go to a house
(looks like a new home for Max).  Sex scene starts with the standard
pussy fingering then a BJ.  Max screws her doggie style.  Pauses
and goes back to fingering her; works four fingers in her shaved
beaver.  Max anals her.  They do an uninteresting RAC for a bit. 
He eventually cums on her face.  Nothing remarkable, no dilation
shots or good views - too bad, like I said, she is pretty.

2) Candi who I've seen before in Cherry Popper - Pretty in Pink #6. 
They go to the pool place from all the other Max films.  I find her
unattractive and the only reason she is in his vids is that she will 
do just about anything.  She is also well known for playing up the
jailbait acting.  I don't go for the pedophile thang, but whatever
floats your boat.

She's got small tits, not so great butt or body, kind've boy-like. 
They start with a BJ (heavy underage overtones - she pleads with
him, "Hey Mister what's that nasty thing?").  The standard BJ
followed by a vaginal screw.  He goes into his fingering routine 
(and by this video, Max is definitely just going through the motions - he
looks quite uninterested).  Slides four fingers up her cunt.  Max 
then anals her.  Oh, oh!  He gets his metal retractor out and spreads her
pussy open.  Anals her in a good old up-n-over with fairly good
dilation views.  Also ends this one with a facial drool shot.

3) Featuring Golden Jade.  She has glued-down dirty blonde hair,
nice titties, I think she is taller than Paul (Max).  They give us a
long, choke-filled BJ.  Her body appears pretty good, full thighs,
full ass.  Inserts the obligatory four fingers up her snatch.   Anal 
sex commences with pretty good views.  Finally an  anal cum-shot. 
Good segment.  The only real hot segment on this tape.  Camera
work makes up for the poor views in scenes #1 #2.

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