Gang Bang Bitches 13: Nena Cherry

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Subject:          Review: Gang Bang Bitches 13: (Nena Cherry)

Note: The label on the box said Gang Bang at Midnight. The tape is
titled Gang Bang Bitches 13.

  Gang Bang Bitches 13: Nena Cherry

Starring: Nena Cherry and about 6 - 7 gangbangers

The first 15 - 30 minutes of this tape are all setup to the gangbang. I
FFed to the actual sex.

That was my second mistake (the first was renting the movie). The sex is
ho-hum. There is no real heat generated at all. I do not recall any DPs
but I believe there was anal (camera angles made for a judgement call).
Nena is into the scene, but between the camera not staying in one place
for even a few seconds, and the guys doing the same thing, there just
was nothing to be done. The finale is a cumshot facial from all the
guys, however not much ended up on Nena.

I've only seen one worse gang bang tape, and that was Channone's First
Gang Bang (and that doesn't count because it really wasn't a gang bang).

This tape is really a disappointment because since Nena caught HIV, this
will probably be her only gang bang tape. Which is a shame because she
was one of my newer favorites.

Good luck and God bless, Nena Cherry!


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