Al Terego's Double Anal Alternatives

Subject: Review: Al Terego's Double Anal Alternat
From: (Herbie_the_Dentist)
Date: Wed,  1 May 1996 03:34:27 UTC

Al Terego's Double Anal Alternatives

Date of Production: 3/22/96 (Elegant Angel)

Quick review, excuse the liberal typos and codes.

Starring: Shonna Lynn (redhead); Liza Rose Harper; Channone
(brunette); Candy Vegas (brunette), China Lee; Nikki Brantz;
(boys = Santino Lee & Julian St. Jox, Sean Micheals & Mr.
Marcus, Peter North &Nick East; Tom Byron & Paul Cox;
Mark Davis & Sean Rider; Blake Palmer & Devin Rane; Al
Terego (Patrick Collins?).

1) Shonna, green-eyed light skinned black, big tits (if they're
fake it was a good job), double anal premise thoughout tape. 
Non shaved bush, in a candy striped outfit, plays with herself,
joined by two guys, she greases up her feet and  foots' them,
or is that "gives them some toe'.  She blow them and then gets
screwed doggy, then she RACs one guy while blowing the other.
Does some A2M; then DP, the succeed in a DAP; then she gets
in an up-n-over with her fingering her own ass, they cum on her
asshole with fingers, not really dilated, but pretty cool (0:31).

2) Liza is having two well hung black men hang some pictures in
her home.  Sean and Mr Marcus.  She's asleep in bed and they
go at her. The eat her and get blown; Sean screws her on her
back; then anals her on her back, then a DP, then a DPP; then a
good up-n-over with dilation, then a DAP! Then they both cum
in her asshole and reinsert (0:50).  She is just great and Mr
Marcus and Sean are good too.

3) Channone, brunette, blows Peter - joineed by other dude. 
She plays with self, tatoo on upper right butt cheek, big tits. 
Gets screwed doggy by Nick East, while she blows Peter.  Then
anal doggy with condom. Then C with North (condom), then
DP.  Peter takes off him condom, puts it on her head and cums
on her face.  The other guy cums on her tits.  Volumes and
distances are below par for North.

4) Candy Vegas, ok looking with Tom and dude.  They eat and
suck, screw doggy, anal C with Tom, then on her back; then DP
with her on her back lying on Tom.  Then a DAP, ends with
two facials.

5) China Lee.  She is looking OK here.  She explains her sexual
history and says she is ready for two dicks up her ass.  Big tits,
she blows them, one guy works four fingers up her ass.  Then
eight fingers; Screw doggy, then analed doggy; she puckers
though they try to dilate her.  Then a DP, then a DAP with her
on her back.  They jerk off on her face.  No great views.

6) Two scummy guys recruited by Al.  They are introduced to
Nikki; an attractive brunette; she makes them bathe then joins
them.  They eat her, she blows them.  She has smal real tits
(good), gets screwed doggy, then analed doggy,nice shaped ass,
greasy, one guy pulls out and cums a bit on her ass.  The other
guy jerks off on her face. (1:50).

Video ends with a strange dont-drink-and-drive message.  Whatever...


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