Caged Furty

From: (Leonard Borrero)
Subject: Review:Caged Fury (LSB)
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 97 08:00:37
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Caged Fury
1993 Dreamland Entertainment Elite
82 Minutes

Director:George Ashwell

Starring:Isis Nile,Crystal Wilder,Sahara,Lana Sands,Krista,Valeria,
Tyffany Mynx(Non-Sex),Randy West,Peter North,Terry Thomas,
Jason Kane,George Rodriguez and Harry Dutchman.(The last 3
Guys listed all have Non-Sex roles).Stacy Nichols is not listed in
the credits,but has a sex scene in the film.

Where To Buy
RAD Video,Inc.
3802 Rosecrans St.,Ste.500
San Diego,Ca. 92110

If women having sex in prison is your thing you may enjoy watching
this video.The ladies are all attractive and some of the sex is hot.On
the downside some scenes end with no visible cumshot,there are no 
facials(except for a very weak attempt in the last scene) and the
hottest babe in the vid(Tyffany Mynx)doesn't have any sex.Too bad.
There are many scenes,but most start and end very quickly.

Scene One:Crystal Wilder and Terry Thomas.
Terry pulls out his cock so Crystal can blow him.Crystal gives nice
head using both hand and mouth.The couple play with themselves abit
before Terry fucks Crystal in the missionary position on a table.Terry
uses his thumb to rub her clit as he pumps away.They change positions
so Crystal can ride him cowgirl.It looks like Crystal rides Terry to
orgasm,but we get no cumshot from Terry.

Scene Two:Lana Sands.
Lana plays with her own pussy as Crystal tells her about her sex with
Terry.Lana finger fucks herself hard till she has an orgasm.

Scene Three:Krista and Randy West.
In his law office Krista gives Randy head.There's some nasty talk
between the two as the bj continues.Randy looks like he cums,but again
there's no visible cumshot.

Scene Four:Stacy Nichols,Sahara and Peter North.
Peter enters the ladies cell.Stacy pulls out Peter's pecker and the
two ladies proceed to blow him.Sahara sucks on the shaft as Stacy
licks the balls.Stacy then takes over giving head while Sahara uses
her hand to massage his balls.Peter screws Sahara in a standing 
doggie position,he then moves on to Stacy in the same position.He
again enters Sahara doggie style,but now on the bed instead of
standing,till he pulls out and cums all over Sahara's ass.

Scene Five:Isis Nile and Valeria.
In their cell Valeria eats out and fingers Isis' pussy for a few

Scene Six:Crystal Wilder and Terry Thomas.
On a couch we see Crystal riding Terry's cock reverse cowgirl.This
goes on a short while till Terry shoots his cum all over Crystal's
belly.Crystal uses her fingers to rub the cum and then brings her
fingers to her mouth to taste it.

Scene Seven:Isis Nile and Randy West.
The two undress and on a table Randy eats out Isis.Randy next gets on
the table to receive head.Randy screws her from behind then
missionary.Randy pulls out and cums on her pubes.

Scene Eight:Isis Nile and Valeria,Sahara,Stacy Nichols and Peter North
We actually go back and forth a couple of times between two seperate
sex scenes.
Valeria and Isis are together again.This time it's Isis giving the
oral pleasue to Valeria.
Peter screws Stacy doggie style as Stacy's head is buried between
Sahara's legs.The scene ends abruptly.

Scene Nine:Krista and Randy West.
Back in his office the couple have another go at it.Randy screws
Krista from behind as Krista keeps moaning "Oh Yeah".Randy pumps away
for a couple of minutes in this position,then missionary.Randy pulls
out and Krista feverishly sucks and jerks on Randy's cock.Randy cums
onto Krista's  mouth and cheeks though I only saw a drop her cheek
does look wet.She does give a little clean up with her mouth on his


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