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Subject: REVIEW: Caught from Behind #4
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Title: Caught from Behind #4

Director: Hal Freeman

Cast: Buffy Davis, Patti Petite, Keli Richards, Jennifer Noxt, Ron
Jeremy, Peter North, Tom Byron, Steve Powers, Marc Wallice, Dick Rambone

Production company: Hollywood Video

Year: 1985

Duration: 116 minutes

Theme: anal sex

Rating: 8+ (on Rog's 1-10 scale)


Have you noticed that Patrick Kelley nowadays signs his postings to the
rec.arts.movies.erotica newsgroup

> Pat
> Anal forever!

And that there was recently another poster to the newsgroup,
ChuckEWeiss, who expressed a similar opinion:

> ANAL RULES!!!!!!!

Yep, anal rules, today, there's no doubt about it. In the 1980s it made
the headlines when someone like Ginger Lynn did anal. In the 1990s it's
being noticed when a female star declines to do anal and the question
everyone poses is not if she will do it eventually, but when and with
whom (possible exceptions are some snotty Vivid Queens who still seem to
safeguard - or perhaps try to raise the prices of - their rosebud
cherries, but for how long?).

How did it all start? And which were the pioneers and the pioneer works?
This is something that porn historians need to take a closer look at. So
if you're an art or cinema history student reading this, I would like to
suggest as a topic and title for your graduate thesis "Before the Anal
Deluge: Cinematic Rump-Humping in the 1980s". Your professor would
probably prefer that you write something about John Cassavetes or Ingmar
Bergman, but this is IMHO a much more fascinating subject. 

If you choose the suggested topic, you will of course not be able to
escape Hollywood Video's Caught from Behind series, whose first volumes
appeared before the middle of the decade and whose influence has been
very significant. This is the fourth volume and it's best of them that I
have seen.


It's early in the morning and married couple Buffy and Steve lay in bed
asleep as the phone rings. Buffy takes the call. She's a journalist and
it's her boss who wants her to write a piece on Dr. James T. Sheldon, a
renowned anal therapist. While she's still on the phone, her husband
starts licking and fingering her pussy. She moans nice and loud.

Buffy is a soft-bodied voluptuous blonde with big natural tits. Her body
is not beautiful in the sense of today's anorectic-atheletic ideals, but
I'm pretty sure that its feminine grace would have been worshipped in an
other era. And it deserves to be worshipped also today. Her face looks
good and she's got an attractive personality.

Buffy sucks Steve's small dick. Then she mounts him in the cowgirl
position, displaying a very nice round ass. She "chews" upon his dick
with her pussy, while he sucks her big tits. Then she jumps up and down
on him shaking her tits intensely. Change to spoon position. One thing
which I appreciate much about this video is that in most cases we get to
see the position changes, including close-ups of insertions and
withdrawals (Hey, Pierre Woodman, you can learn something from the

Then Buffy asks Steve to fuck her ass. He enters it in the spoon
position. Good views of the anal spoon action and her hairy bush. Hot
dialogue with Buffy having a good time and fingering her clit. After a
while Steve withdraws and sprays his cum over her bush.


Patti Petite seeks the advice of Dr. Sheldon (Ron Jeremy) at his clinic.
Her problem is that she enjoys anal sex more than vaginal sex with her
husband. She's worried about this being unnatural and she also wonders
if this is something that has to do with her husband or if her
preference for anal sex is of a general nature. She tells her story to
the doctor, which leads us to...


Patti Petite is a peroxide blonde with straight short hair dressed in
nice white lingerie including of high-cut fishnet stockings. She looks
plain, but she is - as we are about to experience - an incredibly hot
woman. Married couple Peter and Patti lay in bed. He licks her pussy
with her white panties pulled to the side. Then he takes them off,
exposing her hairy bush. Sudden change to her riding him RC. Good RC.
Change to spoon with nice close-ups.

Patti asks Peter to put it in her ass. Good views of anal entry in spoon
position. She rotates her ass-cheeks nice and slow in order to
accomodate his full length. Clearly, this is an anal slut who knows her
game. Great dirty talking from her as the action speeds up. Her cunt
lips "applauds" the forceful ass-pounding. She touches her pussy and
inserts a couple of fingers, asking him if he can feel her fingers. 

After some more exquiste spoonwise butt-reaming Peter withdraws and
sprays her hairy bush with one of his massive loads. She rubs it it and
her bush is all messy with cum. Then she quickly turns around and sucks
his cock A2M with great appetite. A2M can be a quite chilly act with
undertones of degradation. But in this case it is an act of love.


We're back with Patti at Ron's clinic. The doctor educates her: "The
trick is relaxation. Now, a relaxed ass is a happy ass. And if it's
tight and unrelaxed it's an unhappy ass". He asks Patti to show him her
ass, which she does leaning forward. Ron rubs and massages it
(commenting "I love my work") and concludes: "This is definitely a happy

When I first saw this movie and this scene, which was a couple of years
after it had been released, I recalled two guys from my old school who
also used to make this distinction between happy and unhappy asses. I
wonder if they got the idea from this video - or is Dr. Sheldon's wisdom
perhaps common knowledge?

Ron starts fingering and licking Patti's snatch. Again she wears a
couple of nice white crotch-high stockings (not the same). Then some
missionary fucking which is followed by a good deep blowjob accompanied
by dirty talking. I have to rate Patti among the best female nasty
talkers I've heard. She mounts Ron RC and rides him with her feet upon
his knees.

Then she lets him slide out of her snatch and impales her ass upon his
big dick RAC. Fabulous views of the RAC humping. At one time Ron slides
out by mistake and we get to see some good dilation before he reinserts.
Change to scorching doggy anal again with magnificent camera-work. He
leans foward and kisses her. Patti concludes "It's just as good as with
my husband" - and I can only agree: Scene 3 is just as good as scene 2
and both are great. Finally Ron withdraws, delivers a classic tunnel cum
shot and reinserts for some post cumshot-pounding.


"Dr. Sheldon" (Ron) in his clinic as "Joan" (Buffy Davis), the
journalist from scene 1, arrives. He mistakes her for his new assistant
and she jumps upon the wagon in order to collect material for her
article. Ron & Buffy take the car to do a house call. Witty dialogue in
the car and Ron shines with his good humor. They arrive at the house of
young couple "Alice" (Jennifer Noxt) and "Ryan" (Marc Wallice) who wants
to try anal and need help. After a while Buffy gets lost in house and
meets Ryan's brother "Herb" (Tom Byron). This leads to sex scenes 4 and


Jennifer Noxt has dark long hair, a pretty face and a decent slim body.
She stands in a swimming-pool wearing a black bikini, blowing boyfriend
Marc who sits on the poolside. After a while she gets up and cowgirls
him briefly. Then there's doggystyle anal with no good views. The scene
ends with Marc cumming on her back. This is not a good scene. No good
chemistry between the two of them and no good camera-work.


In a room inside the house Buffy has found a telescope which she looks
into when "Herb" (Tom Byron) enters the room. Tom: "On a clear night one
can see your anus (Uranus). A beautiful sight, your anus". Buffy: "Oh,
I'm sure you're referring to the planet". Tom: "Oh yeah, that too. Tell
me, are you interested in astronomy?" Buffy: "Yeah I like stars". Tom:
"I'm quite fond of heavenly bodies myself". Hilarious, isn't it?

Tom caresses Buffy from behind and they kiss. Buffy looks smashing in a
blue business woman's skirt and jacket and she acts like the incredibly
feminine and sexy woman she is. She sucks Tom's bick dick, now only
wearing some light puple lingerie. Then she lays back on the bed, Tom
licking her pussy. Brief missionary-fucking ensues.

Tom enters her asshole in the missionary position. Real hot anal action
here. Then she goes RAC. Sudden change to doggy anal, deep plunging in
excellent camera-angles. It could have lasted longer and it was a pity
that we never got to see the insertion this time. But still, it's good.
To end to scene Tom fucks her big tits and jacks off into her face. She
sucks him clean. Buffy is such an erotic woman.


Steve, Buffy's hubby, pays a visit to Dr. Sheldon's office. The doctor
is not in, but instead he bumps into Keli Richards who mistakes him for
the skilled anal therapist. He goes along and she explains to him that
she's a hooker who's been offered a million dollars to ass-fuck an arab
oil sheik and that she's willing to pay the doctor 50.000 dollars if he
can teach her the basics of butt-reaming.

Keli Richards was one of the anal queens of the 1980s, a nasty and
bitchy brunette. Her looks were not that great and btw that goes for
most of the anal queens of this era. Today, girls like Missy and Paisley
Hunter with model faces and bodies are heavy anal and DP addicts, but
that just wasn't the case back then with the exception of Ginger Lynn.

Steve greases up Keli's asshole with "the world-famous Abolene" as she
lays back in the doctor's couch. He fingers and licks her pussy and ass.
A good slow BJ ensues. Then she lays back again and they help preparing
her backdoor some more. A decent missionary anal follows. After an edit
he cums into her face and she sucks him clean.


Dr. Sheldon and Buffy stumble into the clinic and catches Steve & Keli
newly-fucked. Steve's and Buffy's false identities are revealed. Keli
gets angry and runs away. Steve runs after. Buffy tells Ron the whole
story. They get close. Meanwhile Steve has persuaded Keli to meet him
and his buddy "Herb" (Tom Byron) for a date. This leads to sex scenes 7
and 8.


Ron touches and kisses Buffy in purple lingerie. He takes off her
panties and starts licking and fingering her snatch. Missionary fucking.
A good BJ. Buffy goes down on all fours and Ron fucks her pussy
doggy-style. Great views from above. Still fucking her this way, Ron
takes some abolene and applies it to her poop chute, first using one
finger, then two.

Ron enters her butt in the doggy position. Great camera-angles of the
entry and the subsequent deep-plunging. Buffy literally engulfs his huge
dick with her ass. Ron slows down and she takes over the moving. She
rotates her ass while he is completely still. This is anal erotica at
it's finest! Then change to missionary anal. She asks for some more
abolene and he applies some. We're approaching the end of her third anal
scene now and there are signs that she's getting a bit sore. Finally Ron
cums over her pussy and ass.


In a hotel room (?) Keli sucks Tom. Nice slow BJ. I had almost
forgotten, but Keli was in fact not only an anal queen bot also a great
slow-style cock-sucker. Then she lays back in bed as Tom licks her pussy
and fingers her asshole. Doggy-fucking + BJ with Tom in her pussy.

Keli cowgirls tiny Steve and soon big Tom enters her asshole for this
video's only DP. Btw couldn't this be the ultimate anal slut test: When
doing a DP, if you take the bigger guy in your ass, then you're a first
class anal slut. In case of the opposite, then you're only a second
class anal slut. Keli is a first class anal slut, who now takes some
good but brief DP action. After a while Tom withdraws and cums over her
asshole, no dilation though (sorry, tunnel lovers!). Finally, Steve too
withdraws and sprays her ass.


Time for Keli's million dollar fuck with the oil sheik from Saudi-Arabia
(Dick Rambone). Rambone had a brief career as big-dicked stud in the
mid-1980s. And OK, his dick was big, but I never saw him with a good
erection and he had no detectable personality, so I guess that explains
why he was out quite quickly. 

We step directly into the action with a missionary fuck. Keli talks
dirty; she did that quite well. She's wearing a nice white transparent
bra and pink high stockings. A decent doggy anal ensues, but he's only
semi-stiff. The lighting is a bit murky. The scene ends with him cumming
over her ass. Not a very good scene, although Keli's intense dirty
talking might inspire some viewers.


Although two of the seven scenes (scenes 4 and 9) fail to convince, this
is a very good movie. It is technically well done with attractive
camera-angles and good lighting (both things important in an anal
movie). We get to see most of the anal insertions (very important) and
there's a good balance between close-ups and full-body-footage. Hal
Freeman was (is?) a good craftsman. 

Among the actors three ones shine in particular: Buffy Davis, Patti
Petite and Ron Jeremy. Whenever one of these is involved in a scene the
scene turns out great. Buffy and Patti love anal sex, there's no doubt
about it. And I adore Buffy's feminine style and her soft body. Patti
sparkles with sexual energy and appetite. 

Almost no guy does anal better than Ron Jeremy. It's such a pleasure to
watch his big fat cock slide in and out of those greasy assholes. His
way of ass-fucking is, I would say, "musical". Buffy and Patti may have
some competition from girls like Tanya Foxx, Brittany Stryker and Rachel
Ryan when it comes to crowning the anal queen of the 1980s, but IMHO
no-one can challenge Ron as the anal king of that era.

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