Butt Banged Cycle Sluts

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Subject: Review: Butt Banged Cycle Sluts
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Date: 8 Feb 1996 10:44:23 GMT


 Here was one I couldn't wait to get home and pop in the old 
vcr.  Anabolic has one of the neatest corporate logos in any 
business.  The name has a ring to it and their smut is 
always the highest quality.  This vid lives up to 
expectations.  If you ever dreamed about riding around on a 
big Harley and picking up fuck sluts this vid is for you.  
There is nothing like the sound of a Harley.  Did Harley
ever patent that sound?
 SCENE ONE:  Erica Bella is picked up by two guys and taken 
to some deserted location on their classic hogs.  This is a 
location shot in Hungary.  Erica has a primo face and body 
to match.  She isn't hardcore so she still has that innocent 
slutty attitude.  It is a cold overcast day so she keeps on 
her leather jacket while the two guys fuck her everywhich 
way on the Harleys.  She takes it up the ass while standing 
in one scene.  Great camera work from underneath.  In the 
final scene one guy does hit the back of her mouth with his 
cum shot which causes her to gag.  A great sloppy ending 
with a cum splattered face dripping on hot steamy tits 
caused when she ripped off the leather jacket and body heat 
meets cold air.  
 SCENE TWO:  Misty Rain is picked up and taken to the desert 
by a guy.  This is the best I've seen Misty look in a long 
time.  Her nipple rings and belly button pin really 
glistened in the sun.  Nice long shot of her being fucked 
doggie style over the chopper.  The guy fucks her from the 
top where here knees are almost touching her shoulders.  She 
doesn't spill a drop from his cum shot.  Great outdoor scene 
with the appropriate dildo and ass reaming.
 SCENE THREE:  This may be reversed with the next scene.  
Monique Demoan's pickup breaks down after passing Max 
Hardcore and Jon Dough who are getting drunk on their 
cycles.  She walks back and asks for help.  You can guess 
what happens next.  This is one of the better scenes where 
the girl struggles against her attackers.  Max and Jon act 
out their personnas.  There is a dp where she is obviously 
not having any fun.  When they're through they help her get 
her pickup started.  Nice guys.
 SCENE FOUR:  Buttman and a friend fuck Kimberly Kyle and 
Tabita by the pool.  Fast forward.
 SCENE FIVE:  Vanessa Chase and Misty Rain walk in on the 
cycle shop for service.  Two guys strip Vanessa and start 
fucking her from the getgo.  Misty is taken to a table and 
warmed up by three others.  They're both thrown together for 
the cock in every hole scene.  Vanessa and Misty share their 
oral cum shots by kissing.  Misty sucks one cum shot off 
Vanessa's bush and shares it with her mouth. Hot!
 SUMMARY: Good stuff.  Hope to see more of Erica.  Hats off 
to Monique for putting up with her scene.  What was the 
Buttman lousy outtake doing here?  And Tom Byron doesn't 
know what to do with nipple rings?  Vanessa still looks like  
the adolescent porn slut with the ivory white skin.  Never 
thought you would buy a Harley?  You will now.

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