Backway Inn #5

Subject: Review: Backway Inn #5
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 14:48:38 GMT
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                                Backway Inn #5

I picked out this movie, because I like Anna Malle, she is an energetic
performer, and Randi Storm whom I haven't seen in a video in over a year.

Anna and Randi were alright in the video but overall it lacked passion. I
give it a 2.5 out of 4. For instance, if you watch Anna Malle's eyes while
she is being "done" in most of her videos, they roll up in her head and we
just she the whites of her eyes.  We get none of this in this video. Also,
Randi Storm and Kandi Kisses could have been unleashed a bit more in their

The girls are Anna Malle, Dallas D'Moure, Kandi Kisses, and Randi Storm.
I am taking a good guess as to which girl was Dallas and Kandi.

The theme of the movie is your basic fucking in a hotel with the
underlying theme that Anna and a "Senator" are spending the night,
separately, but together.

Scene #1: Anna Malle (7+) checks into hotel. Anna is lookin good, dressed
in a business dark blue pant suit, showing off her long lean and mean
body. She is supposed to be a lawyer, and has an air about her which shows
it. The senator also checks into the hotel, and they are shown to their
adjoining rooms (how convenient).  They meet by using the door that
connects the two rooms, but the senator has to take a visitor and can't "do
Anna" at the time.  Pissed, Anna goes back to her room where the maid comes
in to turn down her sheets or whatever. I take it the maid is Dallas
D'Moure (7+) a busty, well built, sorta latin looking girl.  I couldn't
tell if her tits were fake, and she had a large tattoo on her right thigh
and a few other places.

Anyway, Anna and the maid go into a girl/girl scene after the maid
complements Anna on her choice of lingerie. Anna goes down on the maid
very nicely. She has a nice black trimmed bush, with a ring in her puss
lips. The maid does Anna in return and pulls back her hood and licks
Anna's clit nicely. Anna gets a double donged dildo, Anna gets on top of
the maid and we are treated to a nice energetic g/g fuck scene.

Scene #2: Two newlyweds check into the hotel. Randi Storm (7+) a blonde
in her long white dress and hubby go into the elevator and have a heated
bout of elevator sex. Randi gets out of her wedding dress and is down to
her white panties, thigh high hose and heels. A note about Randi Storm, I
haven't seen her in a video for close to a year. She was very hot in "Whose
in Charge", "Farmers Daughter" and a solo girl masturbation video, all of
these were put out by Titan Productions. In the solo masturbation video,
she had one of the hottest candle play scenes I have ever seen. She is
NASTY period!

However, in this scene, eventhough it isn't that bad, there is no heat.
In the elevator the bride and groom do do-it. Randi sucks the groom very
deeply, he eats her, her puss is shaved and we don't get to see her clit,
nor her rather long pussy lips.  We are treated to a nice doggy anal (is
this considered consumating a marriage???) with Randi's fingers in her
twat. Randi does have a nice pair of tits, I hope they are natural. Scene
ends with hubby cumming on her waiting eager tongue.

Scene #3: Anna is in the senator's room, wanting to do him, but there is
a knock on the door and she splits. In walks in a campaign worker who
seduces the senator. The girl is the same as the maid in scene 1, dressed
differently. Senator fucks her in the ass, and he cums on her tummy and
tits. She licks it off a bit from her tits.

Scene #4: A long lean blonde Kandi Kisses? (7+) is dressed in black
leather boots above her knee, leather top and skirt and has nice small
perky tits and from her attitude she appears to have a streak of nastiness
about her.  I guess she is working in the shoe/dress shop in the hotel. 
Anyway the hotel clerk goes down and eats her, then he is treated to a
very good suck job. She positions her body over one of those foot stools
they have at shoe stores and gets fucked doggy in the ass pretty good.  The
problem is there is a lot of loopin in the scene.  He cums on her ass. I
would like to see Kandi Kisses under the care of a different director I
bet she would be hot!!!

Scene #5: Finally Anna and the senator get together. She takes him into
her room where there will be no interupptions. Anna gives the senator a
wonderful blow job, much more than the lame actor deserved. She then gets
fucked in the puss, then on their sides, she gets fucked in the ass. All
the while she is talking dirty to him.  Change to a mish fuck, then the
guy cums on her tummy, what a waste of cum, on a woman who does nice
facials like Anna.  sigh.....

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