Al Terego's Double Anal Alternatives

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DATE: 28 Oct 1996 07:33:00 GMT
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Al Terego's Double Anal Alternatives, Patrick Collins, Evil Angel

105 minute pro-am tape with just pros.  Its gimmic is that every girl
performs a double-anal dp.  They all really do, and all dps are well-
taped.  Good camera work captures a gritty smut-feel that doesn't quite
come across as honest.  It's graphic but not surprising or nasty.  This
tape needed, but doesn't have, one really good stand-out scene. 

You get six 17-minute scenes.  Each scene shows you four or five standard
positions-- nothing really athletic or gymnastic. The girls pose well but
don't perform with any heat or responsiveness-- and NONE of the guys were
very enthusiastic. Four scenes have brief dramatic setups.  Two of the
scenes (?) start with the girl addressing the viewer directly.  No scene
really stands out, but many will rent this for Liza Harper, performing in
an average scene.  Still; the tape is a good second rental. 

* * * * * * *

SCENE ONE:  Shonna Lynn with Santano Lee and Julian StJox.  Shonna's
poise has turned to professional toughness, but she still has a great 
little body.  She needs to lose the make-up and brown hair-- a 
"natural" look works much better for her. Shonna works through 
four standard, revealing positions that are worth the trip. The 
scene is emotionally and visually cold and the audio echos badly:  
It's like they were screwing in a police station.   

SCENE TWO:  Liza Harper with Sean Michaels and Mr. Marcus on a bed.  
This is an average scene, marred by Sean's and Marcus' cool, 
passive disinterest.  Still, a fair scene for Liza Harper fans.

SCENE THREE:  Channone with Peter North and Nick East.  She's a cute 
20+, lite-brunette with a trailer-trash edge, a soft face, and natural 
tits.  Close-ups are only fair.  Camera was off-position for an average 
cum on her tits.  She'll wind up working with Borsky and Private
Video before long.

SCENE FOUR:  Candy Vegas with Tom Byron and Paul Cox on a couch.  Candy is
28+, slim, strong features, curly short hair, and a little too tough
around the edges to develop any heat.  Still, she poses well, providing
good close-ups. 

SCENE FIVE:  China Lee with Marc Davis and Sean Rider. CL is a real 
hands-on Eurasian-via-New Jersy biker-chick with a strong personality, 
who makes up for her lack of glamor with real, personal go-for-it 
enthusiasm in many of her loops. She is NOT a Vivid girl.  She tries 
hard here, but the camera was out of position too often, and Mark Davis 
was friendly but not inspired.  China was more physical than Mark was.  

China Lee could have been the break-away performer on this tape.  
She wasn't because neither Mark Davis nor the camera were ready
for China's physical performance.  I would *love* to tape her.

SCENE SIX:  Nikki Brantz with Blake Palmer and Devin Kane(?) in a 
Jacuzzi.  Nikki doesn't get me there, but she is young, has a nice 
body and will do just about anything three times.  This scene tries 
for some audacious sensuality, but misses.  You still get great 
doggie-poke shots, and very good medium and close shots of Nikki.  
The problem is that the camera can't shoot around the Jacuzzi
well--  too many missed shots-- and the guys are just too passive.  

BOTTOM LINE:  A mixed review.  Some camera work is great.  You *do* get
lots of dps, and some of them are well-performed.  The girls are 
physically average, the guys aren't strong, and the camera often 
is out of position for climactic shots like facials, tunnels and poke 
shots.  Probably a good second rental if you want to see what Patrick
Collins can do with a gritty Zane-like Pro-Am tape. 

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