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From: "CD Man" <cd_maan@hotmail.co.uk>
Subject: Review: Night Dreams
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 10:20:55 +0000
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica


NIGHTDREAMS is the most unusual, unique and innovative adult film yet made. Five years ago I was the first to champion this film and really had no idea what kind of impact it would have on future adult films. It has since pioneered a whole new sub-genre within the industry. It may disturb you, it may disgust you, it may even offend you, but love it or hate it, the most important thing is that you will not forget it. The raunchy, gritty sexuality is combined with truly new wave sets and the MIAMI VICE eighties 'look' taken even further in CAFE FLESH.

The plot centers on Mrs. Van Houton, played by Dorothy Lemay, undergoing treatment in a psychosexual-therapy session. She is observed by Jennifer West and Andy Nichols, clad in doctors' robes and adjusting the equipment wired to Dorothy's head. She is put through a wide range of sexual fantasies during the session, and the viewer sees what the doctors can only record.

There is no shortage of sex action at all. As each fantasy appears, you never know quite what to expect. One minute she's in a nursery with a real life jack-in-the-box, then she's into a three way lesbian cowgirl scene, with rings of fire, Wall of Voodoo music and Clint Eastwood imagery abounding. The scene may do for analingus what DEEP THROAT did for fellatio, but for certain it introduced Danielle to porn fans. There are trips to Heaven and Hell, visits with drug-smoking Arab Princes, and a rape sequence right out of DRESSED TO KILL. Every now and then there are different diversions of a deliberately bizarre nature. A dead fetus appears from the fly of a mannequin, a Cream of Wheat box comes to life with a dancing slice of bread (Rinse Dream's cameo) playing the saxophone, or Dorothy with a post coital cigarette in bed with a wheezing carp.

There is a careful progression to the order of the scenes. There is method to the filmmakers' madness. What really sets this film apart from others is this odd style. The two filmmakers [Rinse Dream and F.X. Pope] are from the regular world of Hollywood who wanted to try their hand at the adult genre. The camera angles, photography and concepts they present will dazzle you. Never has an adult film been so perfectly photographed. Each scene, whether tender, harsh or just plain bizarre, offers something off the wall. The music track and sound effects are superior. Their influence has definitely spilled over.

Dorothy Lemay, always a big favorite of true porn fans, has never given a finer performance. Even Hollywood producers were amazed at the acting ability she demonstrated. This is an obvious cult film that must be experienced to appreciate the visual wizardry of the filmmakers. There is a twist ending that I thought was obvious, but many people have missed it."

<Some notes on Dorothy LeMay by Luke Ford:>

Dorothy's favorite movie is Nightdreams. "I dated the gaffer after that one. He was a neat guy who made it fun for me to do the movie. And the people who made the movie were nuts." What did you think of that Cream of Wheat scene? [She sucks off a black man wearing a giant Cream of Wheat box.] "That guy apparently had never had a blowjob and he was 26. He was married and I don't know why his wife wouldn't get into that. He was nervous and he had to drink whisky before the scene. And he was swerving the box so they laid him down of the floor. [Which didn't deter Le May from pipecleaning.] That was my first time working with a black guy. It wasn't something that I didn't want to do. I had just never met one in that situation.

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