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From: "CD Man" <cd@dc.com>
Subject: (RAME) Review: MS. MAGNIFICENT
Date: Wed, 03 May 2006 07:39:22 -0500
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica

Ms. Magnificent aka Superwoman

Desiree Cousteau
Jessie St. James
Holly McCall

For some reason I've never heard of this film. Originally distributed by Essex/Select. Stars Desiree Cousteau as a super-heroine with powers of flight, super-strength, enhanced senses and a weakness to a glowing green mineral. She has a secret identity, working as an investigative reporter at an unnamed newspaper with her colleagues Lois (Holy McCall) and Clark (Mike Horner). An alien invader, Cretia Borgia (Jessie St. James), accompanied by a female accomplice (Sharon Kane) and two pointy eared males in gaily colored bondage fetish gear travel to Earth, landing in a supermarket parking lot. (No exterior shots of the spaceship are seen ;-))

Ms. Magnificent rescues an attempted suicide by convincing a potential jumper that there are things worth living for (I.E. sex). when a reticent interview subject persuades Lois to engage in sexual activity in exchange for information, Ms. Magnificent flies to her rescue, arriving considerably after the last minute,though Lois admits "I kind of liked it in the end . " When the villainess accuses her accomplice of being a turncoat, she threatens her with a fisting (though it is not seen in any of the three different versions of this film I have seen.). The male henchmen catch Ms. M prowling around the space ship but, after sexually "interrogating" her, let her leave. The villains capture Lois and Clark, Ms. Magnificent comes to their rescue, Cretia weakens her by penetrating her with a large glowing green dildo. Two tourists, a British couple, wander into the space ship. An orgy ensues. Ms. M is revived, She, Lois, Clark and the Brits escape the ship, the villains choose to retreat and escape the planet, threatening to return in a sequel that was never made.

Though popular '70s/'80s porno starlet Desiree Cousteau is the films title character, it is Holly McCall as the ditzy Lois and Mike Horner, very Christopher Reeve like with his portrayal of a clumsy, bumbling, ineffectual Clark, who really steal the show, along with Jessie St. James totally over the top portrayal of the diabolical Cretia.

There is little in the way of super-heroic special effects other than a few flying scenes that are not quite on a par with George Reeves era Superman or, worse, the Saturday morning Shazam show. According to legend the movie (an actual movie shot on film in the days before shot on video porn) was filmed under the name SUPERWOMAN, which caught the attentions of DC Comic's lawyers[1] (as did the later Splatman). The result is that the pictures oddest special effect is Ms. Magnificent's chest emblem, a constantly writhing mass of white scribbles where the Superman "S" emblem was
actually scratched out frame by frame (now there's a job ;-)). Also, the name Ms. Magnificent is never actually heard in the film. Whenever the main character is referred to by name, "Superwoman" is edited out, leaving a moment of total silence on the soundtrack.

Although silly in a typical camp '70s porn vaudeville style, it is quite funny in places. And then there is the point where Jessie St. James points out that the names Lois and Clark are actually a pun on the names of the famous wilderness explorers Lewis & Clark, which oddly enough I'd never realized before.

[1] >>Note to the youngsters: Years ago, a porno movie was made starring Desiree Cousteau in the title role of "Superwoman". There was absolutely no doubt what-so-ever that the movie was based (or ripped off) on the DC Comics character Superman. DC sued, and forced the manufacturer to change the title (it was changed to Ms. Magnificent) and to remove any reference to DC trademarks (the title character's name, the insignia on her uniform, and the poisonous-to-Superwoman-only glowing green substance called craptonite (only the name was removed.))