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Subject: Crack Her Jack #3
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Very nice ass on the front cover of 'Crack Her Jack #3'. http://www.dvdshoppen.dk/product.asp?product=14809&page=1 (Click on the picture to get a better view)

This sexy ass belongs to Angel Dark. Angel Dark has pretty good-looking tits too. Take a look at her tits on the front cover of 'Assume the Position #3':

I think Angel Dark is one of the most beautiful porn-sluts ever. And her no-holes-barred performance with two double-dicking studs (one white and one black) in 'Crack Her Jack #3' is phenomenal.

At one point, she hops her sexy ass on top of the big black stud in RAC. He bangs her between the cheeks real good. And her gorgeous tits fly all over the place. Jesus! This lady has some seriously attractive tit-flesh.

Her white stud enjoys the view.

The black guy banging her ass in RAC spreads her sexy legs wide apart. Her big pussy-lips open up like a giant sex-flower. She smiles at the white stud and covers up her open pussy with the palm of her hand.

The white stud takes this to mean that she is flirting with him. He hops on top of her.

"Oh my God!" she yells.

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The white guy on top pulls out, gives her p2m, and hops back between her legs. "Oh my God! she yells again. And once more both guys are squish squashing this sexy flirt.

Angel's gorgeous tits fly all over place. Her tits react and respond to every move and every thrust the guys make on her. And just by looking at the dance of her tits, you can tell how well and how hard the guys are banging her pussy and ass.

A pretty face, a sexy ass, and jiggling tits that always tell a story of lust is why I like watching Angel Dark slut it out with the guys.