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From: "Hervert" <crispyduck@gmail.com>
Subject: Review - First Class Eurosluts 4
Date: 9 Apr 2005 22:04:43 -0700
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica



I love European women. I love their accents, their bodies, and the fact that they are willing to get down and nasty. Tony Ribas seems to love them too, hence First Class Eurosluts 4. The amusing thing about this, is that between seven women, two of them are from South America. Not quite European, but in the big scheme, who really cares? Ribas did a pretty good job of finding stunning women and using good lighting and great angles, but he fell a bit short in terms of nastiness. Don't get me wrong - the sex is good, it just didn't get as creative as it could have.

My only gripe was that he had two scenes with two men and two women. Instead of being all out orgies, these scenes were mostly two couples going at it side by side. Since there was only one camera, this often means that one couple is off screen. You can hear them, you just cannot see them. So what exactly are they doing? It's never clear, and you always have a nagging suspicion that while what you see on screen may look great, you may be missing something better. If he's not going to have all four going at each other, I would almost rather he split the scene into two. The first time this happens is the second scene, with Carmen (from Spain, duh), Dunia Montenegro (Brazil, one of the finer countries of Europe), David Perry, and Max Cortes. The scene opens with some quick lesbo action, but moves quickly to a sofa, where Carmen is blowing Cortes (who has a really big head - the one on his shoulders), and Montenegro blows Perry. Both take it down the throat, and for a while it looks and sounds like an unofficial deep throat contest. Once the penetration starts, Carmen gets it doggy, while Montenegro goes cowgirl, and while their heads are inches away from each other, they do not kiss (boo!). Here is where Ribas begins switching angles, sometimes showing both, sometimes one. The problem is that they are right next to each other, so you can see Carmen's foot, or Perry's arm at the edge of the shot. For a brief moment, both women suck off Perry, but then they switch men, so Perry is with Carmen and Cortes is with Montenegro. Both pairs seem to progress similarly from oral, to vaginal, to anal. Every time it looks like there will be an orgy, it lasts for a few minutes before the couples pair off again. Worse, near the end, they fuck really close together, but it is still two couples instead of a foursome. Ribas realizes this and has the men double penetrate Carmen, with Montenegro in the background playing with herself (come on and kiss Carmen already). They switch and do the same to Montenegro, then to Carmen again. There's a bit too much switching for my taste, mostly because they keep pairing off. Ribas improves things at the end, but overall the scene felt less like a foursome and more like two twosomes. Each woman gets a shot in the mouth to end the scene, and there's a bit of swapping.

I have to hand it to Ribas - he found some truly beautiful woman. Nikki Blond (Hungary) is probably the second hottest woman here, and she gets to have fun with Ribas and Max Cortes. Blond is reminiscent of another statuesque blonde, Anita Blond. They are both Hungarian, both rail thin with really nice tits, and both gorgeous. The scene starts with some voiceover, but moves quickly as she alternates between the two dicks. They stick her on her side, and Ribas enters her from behind while she jacks and blows Cortes. They switch, and she does Cortes reverse cowgirl while sucking off Ribas. The scene moves fluidly, as Blond quickly and easily moves from one dick to another like a seasoned pro. Cortes is also the first to enter her ass, and he stretches it open nicely with his fingers. When Ribas gets his chance, Cortes disappears for a while, before they go back to business with one dick in her ass, and one in her mouth (he does it again shortly). There is no double penetration, and the first cumshot is on the camera lens, which Blond happily licks off, then hits her head. The scene continues, and the second guy pops on her stomach. On an interesting note, for whatever reason, the camera seems to cut off the faces of the men. Sometimes, it's hard to tell who is doing what. But I have no problem with this, as it gives more focus to the woman.

Jessy, from the European country of Colombia, has a huge rack and is a bit thicker around the thighs, but she still looks great. She actually resembles Sky Lopez. The scene starts with her playing with herself in the shower, then moves to her and Ribas, silhouetted against a window (very nicely done) before switching to normal lighting and a blowjob. Jessy has a latin booty, and it jiggles in rhythm as Ribas impales her while sticking a few fingers in her ass. The anal happens pretty quickly. She gets on her back, and Ribas enters her ass. However, this is probably the worst scene. Jessy's got big fake tits that look like big fake tits here, and worse, they play with a large vibrator that blocks a lot of the penetration. Once they lose the dildo, the view gets better, aside from some instances where her palm is in the way. The dildo comes back later and she manages to shove both it and Ribas' dick into her pussy, but it's annoying because you cannot see a damn thing (well, for the first half). If you're going to shove multiple things in your pussy, make damn sure I can see it. Ribas flips her on her side, pumps her some more, then pops on her stomach.

The second two couple pairing stars the hottest woman in the entire video, the Czech Aisha De L'Amour. De L'Amour is truly spectacular. She is hot enough to be a model, and has a fantastic body to match. Her costar, Yanira Bertoni (Spain) looks good, but when matched up against De L'Amour (who also sports piercings on one nipple, her clit, and a small tattoo on her thigh), she pales in comparison. The scene starts with the two women making out with a large double-ended dildo. The cameraman holds the dildo at some points, giving a POV shot. Perry and Andrea Moranti show up and the fun begins in earnest. This is a better scene than the other, first, because of the presence of De L'Amour, and second, because there is much more interaction between all four people. De L'Amour rides Perry cowgirl, and Bertoni rides Moranti reverse cowgirl, but the two ladies are also rubbing each other. Ribas does a better of job of keeping everything in frame, but there are still times that one couple of off screen, and there are still plenty of times where they are ignoring each other. The men switch from anal to vaginal, pumping away happily, while the women eagerly take it all in both holes. Bertoni is the first to be doubly penetrated, which means, like before, De L'Amour sits to the side, masturbating slightly off camera. But this segues to the best shot of the scene, the two women in a sixty-nine position, with one man on each side. It's pretty short, and leads to a mediocre double pop on De L'Amour's face.

Covergirl Liliane Tiger has the pleasure of Ribas and Ramon Nomar (for you slower people, his last name is his first name spelled backwards). Tiger looks great, but has a few too many tattoos for my personal taste, conveniently airbrushed off the cover. Her thighs are a bit on the thick side, too. She starts with a double blow, and seems to be in a bit of a rush. She pumps frantically, but is pretty wet by the time Ribas sticks some fingers inside her pussy. For the first penetration, Ribas takes her pussy while her hands are a blur on Nomar's dick. This started to get a bit distracting. You never see women jerk off guys this fast, and it looks like she's going to rip the skin right off their dicks. But this is Tiger's style, as she sticks three fingers into her pussy and pumps like there's no tomorrow. This leads into the double, which pauses a few times for a quick blow. The scene ends with Nomar cumming on her pussy. Tiger gets off him and sucks him off some more. Ribas gets some more time in her pussy, then pops on her face.

Hervert Rates It: Not Bad.

2 hours, 21 minutes.

DVD includes a bonus scene, a behind-the-scenes featurette (shot by Sophie Evans!), extra footage of De L'Amour and Bertoni, stills, trailers, and a cumshot recap.

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