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From: "The Fool" <nutter@lost-it.co.uk>
Subject: VHS Review: Those Young Girls
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 11:35:06 EDT

Those Young Girls (European Release)

Ginger Lynn
Traci Lords
Harry Reems
John Holmes

The infamous Those Young Girls written by Ginger Lynn (and supposedly based on her experiences) is not a great movie. Traci plays the role of the porn veteran to Ginger Lynn's aspiring newcomer. For the first scene, Traci takes part in a nude photo shoot. Traci gets fucked by Harry Reems by the poolside. He comes on her tits. Ginger and Traci innocently play around in a sunny garden, hosing each other down and getting each other wet like the carwash scene in "Debbie does Dallas". John Holmes plays the sleazy agent that Ginger Lynn hooks up with, she sucks off Holmes till he comes on her face. Ginger then appears in a nude photo shoot. Ginger and Harry appear in a music video, then they fuck on a bed. Ginger and Traci get in a Jacuzzi then move onto a bed where they proceed to do a 69 with good close-ups. They then tie up Harry and suck him for a while before leaving him tied up. Distinctly average, even though both Ginger and Traci look incredibly cute. Overall 2.00 on the imperator scale.

A federal case was brought (and subsequently dropped) against the producers of "Those Young Girls", one of Traci's first movies. According to Jim South the only thing that stopped American porn being dealt a death blow was Traci's passport; When she presented her false birth certificate and driver's license to obtain a passport, she fooled the government as well as poor old Jim. Just think, if it weren't for that we'd all be watching Private flicks now:)