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From: "Hart Williams" <nooz@nospam.hartwilliams.com>
Subject: Mike South Review: MOYST
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 10:24:43 EDT

With Mike South's permission, I'm posting this review on RAME

The story of the filming, "Diary of a Shoot," can be found at http://www.rame.net/library/misc/hart/
Hart Williams


Something Different In Porn?:

It's rare indeed that porn can boast of doing something truly unique. I mean with 12,000 releases a year for about the last ten years you'd think it has all been done.

Combine Tex Murphy, Myst, cheesy 60's style psychedelic graphics, a computer generated soundtrack, computer generated characters, voices and scenarios, toss in a green screen, Randy Storm, Brian Surewood, Austin Towers and a bunch of people I didn't recognize. Now spin it all into a story that is part Wargames and part Tron and part porn and you have something unlike porn, or anything else for that matter, has probably ever seen.

>From an editing standpoint it's quite an accomplishment. Director Hart
Williams has put all of this down using a very simple home computer and the sheer hours spent on the special effects and graphics is mind boggling. As something unique and different the movie works, there's a solid story line and it's funny in places, very funny in others. The surreal quality however, does not lend itself to stroke material. I suppose this might hit a fetish of some sort but I'm not sure what it is.

The sex scenes are all shot against a greenscreen and the backgrounds and effects, read LOTS and LOTS of effects are added in post production. I see that Mr Williams learned something that I learned the hard way as well ... when shooting green screen, NEVER shoot it in digital, unless its pure D1 otherwise it leaves artifacts that you can't get out. But I dont think the color variations around the edges of the performers are going to prove to be much of an irritation because the entire sex scenes are heavily laden with special effects.

The soundtrack tends to be a bit overbearing in it's volume, specially during the sex scenes.

Somehow I don't think this was ever intended to be stroke material though. this movie is extremely hard to classify, but that's actually a part of the storyline. Part video game, part reality and part hallucenigenic drug experience.

And maybe that's where this movie works best. I kept envisioning it being played over and over on the screens that they usually have at the techno clubs, the modern day version of visual devices like the lava lamps of the seventies.

You can watch this with your girlfriend with no fear of her being offended; you could even watch it in a room full of guys without getting uncomfortable I suspect.

To deny the amazing amount of effort that went into producing this would be doing it an injustice. If you are looking for stroke material you you might want to pass this one up. If you want to see something creative and truly unique, give it a look. Most of the directors in porn could learn something about constructing a storyline from this movie.