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From: "CD Man" <cd@dc.com>
Subject: VHS Review: Fireworks Woman
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 23:24:43 EDT

Fireworks Woman/Angela is the Fireworks Woman

Dir: Abe Snake

Jennifer Jordan
Eric Edwards
Jamie Gillis

Synopsis: The course of true love never did run smooth, especially when your true love is your brother, who is also a priest, and the mere sight of your good self causes other people to spontaneously copulate :)

If the late seventies was a golden era when it looked like porn and mainstream films were converging, (Sex World for instance is v. reminiscent of Sci-Fi films of the time), the early seventies heralded a period of experimentation as filmmakers tried different genres (and filmed an awful lot of orgies:)) and slowly found their feet. Fireworks Woman is very much a product of this time; part love story, part edgy drama, part surreal nonsense, it remains a difficult film to classify.

The film opens with a brief, explosive orgy on a lawn, before we see the young Angela walking naked hand in hand with a mysterious older man in black along a beach, (The Fireworks Man? The Devil ?) Thus Angela (Jordan) begins her narration. It seems that Angela has special powers over people when it comes to sex, and now that she is sexually mature, god help the neighbourhood :). Angela is in love with her brother Peter (Edwards), who is training to be a priest. They are both virgins, but after fooling around like kids on the beach one day, Angela makes.her move. The scene that follows is either a genuinely moving romantic scene or a hippy dippy slush fest depending on your sensibilities. Afterwards, however Peter is immediately ashamed and violently rejects her, sending her away urging her to forget her feelings.....

The rest of film sees Angela struggle to find her way in a world full of jaded perverts. Peter sends her to work for a wealthy mistress, who turns out to have a boyfriend (Gillis ?) who is into SM and pissing. She is rescued from a would be rapist, only for her rescuer to rape her. After numerous trials, constantly rejected by Peter, (who is also fantasising guiltily about her) she finally decides to turn the tables on the townsfolk and Peter with one last orgy.....

It has been an age since I've seen this film so I may have got some of the details wrong. Heavy on melodrama, with religious overtones of guilt and punishment, this film will not be for everyone. The combination of taboo subjects (religion, pissing, rape, incest, bestiality) means it will be very difficult to get hold of uncut (the final orgy, it is rumoured, contains a live fish blowjob and a dog performing cunnilingus, although I don't remember either in my version.). I personally found that the drama rather detracted from the eroticism in places, but it's still an unforgettable movie nevertheless.
Overall 2.85 on the Imperator scale.