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From: jdentertn@aol.com (Jdentertn)
Subject: Dvd Review - SHANE'S WORLD #32 "CAMPUS INVASION" (Digital Sin)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 01:18:09 EDT

SHANE'S WORLD #32 "CAMPUS INVASION" (Digital Sin) - Shane's World continues with the "kids havin' fun" motif here visiting a college campus including a campus radio station interview during which the girls start warming up with each other. A frat porn two disk set. No condoms used.

Scene 1 (Malorie, dude) One of the new girls picks up a college student and takes him back to his dorm room for sex. She sucks and jerks him off. Scene 2 (Calli Cox, Mr Marcus) Deep throats his whole johnson...nice start! No condom vaginal sex. Hard to tell if he cums in her mouth or they fake it. Maybe he came inside her? In between scenes, the porn girls (and Mr Marcus) hit a frat party. The frat guys kiss and lick the porn girl's asses. Scene 3 (Belladonna, frat dude) They go for a blowjob in a room. Guys walk in and out of the room and talk to him as he gets blown. No cumshot. Scene 4 (Belladonna, Evalyn, Malorie, frat dudes) The girls take turns blowing three frat dudes on a bed. One guy cums in Belladonna's mouth. She swallows. Scene 5 (Malorie, Tex) A suck and fuck on a bed. Great views of her ass in cowgirl and doggie. Jerk a nice big load over her face and neck. Nice scene! In between scenes, the porn girls (and Mr Marcus) hit another frat party. The frat guys eat the porn girl's pussies.
Scene 6 (Belladonna, Evalyn, frat dude) The girls blow the guy (with his face blurred out). He gets off and the girl lick it up. In between scenes, the porn girls (and Mr Marcus) hit yet another frat party. The frat guys arm wrestle adn then Malorie paddles one of them.
Scene 7 (Calli Cox, frat dude) Calli blows an obnoxious frat boy on a bed. They do a 69. Supposedly he cums on her mouth. In between scenes, the porn girls (and Mr Marcus) hit yet another frat party. A couple sorority girls look at and stroke Tex's dick.
Scene 8 (Evalyn, Tex) Suck and fuck on a bed. Several good positions and a big load over her pussy.
Scene 9 (Belladonna, Mr Marcus) Suck and fuck on a bed. Pulls out to cum early on her leg. They then screw some more. She fingers her asshole and he fucks it. Back and forth anal to vaginal and ass to mouth. Jerks on her asshole. Nice scene.

The extras are on an additional disk and include additional footage, behind the scenes and include one additional hardcore scene. There are also interviews and stuff. "Hardcore-wize," the extras are kinda weak. This one is for the most part Pro-Am blowjobs with a few hotter scenes. The frat porn motif is pretty well presented. Frat guys are gonna like it. -3-

  • Jaydee

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