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From: racerx139@lycos.com (RacerX)
Subject: DVD Review Double Penetration Virgins 10: DP Calling
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 01:46:14 EDT

Double Penetration Virgins 10: DP Calling JM Productions 2001

DVD Review by RACERX

Overall this movie’s plot is cheap re-make of scream. Some random guy calls a woman’s house threatening her with violent sex if she doesn’t follow his whims. I don’t find the star woman (Aurora Snow) all that attractive, she’s pale, skinny and doesn’t have a particularly attractive face, but that’s just me. I also don’t like the violent obscene phone call overtones, but alas I get the SCREAM reference. But On to the review.

Scene 1: Devin DeRay, Rick Masters, Dave Hardman Devin DeRay is the reason I rented this DVD. She is the reason I’ve rented many a DVD. This former lover of Laker forward Rick Fox is just one of the hottest women in porn. Beautiful light brown skin, (She’s biracial, Brazilian, and I assume white Canadian) large round breasts and a sexy smile and lips. The scene begins with the obscene phone caller talking about how the rich housewife next door likes doing her hired help. We then flash to Devin on the couch in a tight black skirt with 2 guys. They start on her breasts, she blows them both then it gets better. With her dress pulled off her tits she does a fantastic RCG on Rick Masters while blowing Dave Hardman. Then they take turns hitting her from behind while she blows the other guy. Then a thorough anal, but unfortunately it’s mostly a close up so you don’t see much of her expression but she’s certainly howling in pleasure. Then a fantastic DP, from the front and the back. The camera takes care to show how it looks from both angles, with lots of shots to show all their bodies writing together. It ends with both guys giving her a facial. This scene, if you’re a big Devin Fan like me is a treasure because it’s her only DP. Even if you’re not a huge fan, it’s what good DP flicks are all about.

Scene 2: Wanda Play and 2 White Guys
This scene is alright, nothing spectacular. The stalker talking to Aurora directs her to the scene and Wanda does both of the guys. She performs some fairly sexy BJS before finally getting down to the DP. The DP itself is alright if you’re a big DP fan like myself you like a decent rhythm, with both guys going in and out of the woman, plus hard dicks. The guy in her pussy seems kindof limp but it’s ok. In the end she gives a good post cum blowjob to each of them. It’s an okay scene with a mediocre looking woman.

Scene 3: Aurora Snow, Julian St. Jox and Jay Ashley The big finale. Jay continues to talk to Aurora on the phone, convincing her to masturbate and ready herself for him and Julian to come into the house and DP her. She waits eagerly on a big white couch and soon Julian pops in the room and forces her mouth down on Jay’s dick. Again, I’m not a fan of violence, they seem to be implying a rape theme here which is not sexy. The rest of the scene is suburb though. Aurora snow is way to thin for me, no tits and she’s pale white. But she does a DP that made me a fan. She does a reverse with Julian up her ass and Jay facing her that is awesome. You might lose it on this part of the scene alone. They move to a pile driver then she blows each of them after they cum. Fantatsitc scene, for a scrawny chick.

DVD options. Nothing special, a picture show, most of Devin. The Outtakes are not sexy, in fact all they show is DeRay annoyed at how rude and abusive the director is. There’s a little additional sex, but nothing amazing. The Subchapter option is amazing though. You don’t have to search through the entire scene of the flick, it’ll take you directly to the Devin BJ scene, the Aurora Cumshot scene or anyting else. A good option for a quickie.

Overall this is a good flick, especially for Aurora Snow or Devin DeRay fans!