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Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 18:13:36 -0800

Talk Dirty To Me

One of those movies from the mid-period of what they call "The Golden Age" of porn, which bears all the trademarks of it's time. Strong story, good acting, high production values and slick camerawork adorn this steamy Summer drama which forever engraved director Anthony Spinelli's name on the XXX wall of fame!

The plot follows the adventures of Jack (John Leslie) and Lenny (Richard Pacheco), two close friends who couldn't be more different if they tried. Jack is a first-class ladies man, a smooth, silver-tongued hustler who can, and often does, charm his way into the pants of any woman he meets. Lenny is the polar opposite - awkward, nerdy and mentally very slow, he has neither Jack's physical charisma nor his sharp, quick-talking wit, thus often ends up feeling dejected and worthless while Jack swans off with his flavour of the week girlfriends. One day, they see blonde stunner Marlene (Jessie St James) walking along the beach and Lenny bets Jack that he can't go from meeting her to sleeping with her in under three days. Jack, confident in his own abilities, takes that bet and begins plotting ways of achieving his nefarious ends.

There are innumerable subplots going on throughout all this, a couple of which are slightly implausible and occasionally lend the film an unwelcome episodic feel, but it's strung together admirably by John Leslie's tour-de-force, utterly engaging performance as Jack and the seriously hot, legendary sex scenes that feature some of the most gorgeous and talented women of late 70's porn. Juliet Anderson plays a flirty estate agent who gets it on with Leslie in easily one of the most passionate, exciting scenes of the era. Both partners are loaded with energy and put across believably enthusisatic performances. Of course, the famous scene is the one between Leslie and Jessie St James in which she breathlessly utters those classic lines in the title and, naturally, it stands up to all you've heard about it.

The film overall has it's flaws, no doubt, and the plot falls apart a little in the last few minutes, but it's got a wonderful Summery vibe, some smooth, laid-back humour, excellent acting, hot sex and a sense of real enjoyment flowing through it, all of which helps elevate it to the status of a genuine XXX legend.