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Subject: Adult DVD Empire Review - Shane's World 32: Campus Invasion
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Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 21:54:05 EDT

Shane's World 32: Campus Invasion
Shane's World

Cast: Belladonna, Calli Cox, Malorie Marx, Evelyn Janaei, Mr. Marcus, Tex

Reviewed by Joe Blow
5.00 out of 5.00 Stars
Adult DVD Empire

Who can forget those halcyon days as a college student when you could take a break from your sociology paper to indulge in a pussy-eating contest with a gaggle of young, nubile porn starlets and win a dual blowjob for your cunnilingus expertise? Well, I can, because it never happened to me. However, if you wish to vicariously reinvent your lonely, porn-filled undergraduate days via the drunken frat boys at Indiana University, then SHANE'S WORLD 32: CAMPUS INVASION, is the DVD for you. CAMPUS INVASION is a fun, gonzo romp which, despite some missed opportunities and less than stunning female talent, has an infectious energy and features some giddy vicarious thrills.

This latest installment of the SHANE'S WORLD series is also noteworthy given its infamous history. CAMPUS INVASION made headlines nationwide as the the cast and crew invaded notorious party school, Indiana University, and filmed their exploits with plenty of willing, horny college dudes. Even movie critic Richard Roeper chimed in with his thoughts. "The film runs tow-and-a-half hours, and for the most part it's about as sexy as a military educational film about transmittable diseases. Basically you get porn stars with ugly tattoos, bad teeth and been-around-the-block-a-million-times faces mingling with drunken-fool college students in pig sty apartments. It's mostly pathetic and depressing." While some of his physical descriptions may be accurate, I had a much more favorable impression.

The other noteworthy aspect of CAMPUS INVASION is the presence of Belladonna, recently featured on a Diane Sawyer ABC News special about the "nasty" and "exploitative" adult film industry. Although the insipid Ms. Sawyer attempted to paint Bella as a sad, pathetic victim of a cruel, manipulative porn industry, I had the completely opposite reaction. Like any other story of a successful actress rising in the ranks of Hollywood through hard work, Bella (despite some disturbing experiences) persisted in her chosen field and, by the end of the program, was seen being honored with an AVN award, and having a financially secure lifestyle, solid porn career and loyal fan following. Nevertheless, while Bella has a decent figure and really knows how to handle a man's meat and potatoes, I generally find her looks less than appealing. She sadly sports more decals on her body than the pace car at the Indy 500. However, that is only a small gripe in an otherwise fun gonzo flick.

Bella, accompanied by curvy Calli Cox, Evelyn Janaei (a really hot, trim, tattoo-free young blonde allegedly in her first porn appearance), sultry brunette, Malorie Marx, imposing Mr. Marcus and the boyish Tex, first descend on the campus radio station to announce their arrival. Clearly, nobody listens to this station since the campus police don't come running as the portly DJ describes the girls' wild in-studio antics. The DJ gets to cop a feel from Bella before she goes down to demonstrate pussy licking 101 on Evelyn in front of a bunch of grinning freshmen. Bella wraps up the fun by letting everyone sniff her finger.

Out and about on campus, Evelyn sidles up to an eager male student who can't believe his good fortune. The two mess around in public a bit before heading back to his musty dorm room for a nice BJ (so much for that scholarship). Evelyn is a real find. With her trim, all natural, tattoo-free figure, long blonde hair and extremely cute girlish face, she is the ultimate "just turned 18" wet dream girl. Stripping down to a black thong, Evelyn sucks and strokes her lucky companion to completion.

In yet another dorm room, Mr. Marcus engages in a lively suck and fuck with Calli, culminating in an oral pop shot. (All of the genital penetration in CAMPUS INVASION takes place between the SHANE'S WORLD crew members. However, there are still blowjobs aplenty for the general male student body). Although there is a lot of energy in this scene, I find Calli a bit too plain and Rubenesque for my tastes.

Back on campus, the girls mingle with the male students and hand out posters before crashing a crowded frat party. The girls add to the beer-fueled mayhem by staging an ass kissing and groping contest. After crowning a winner, Bella escorts the lucky student up to his room for a nice, proficient BJ. Unfortunately, Bella's deepthroating is interrupted by two of her companion's alcohol addled buddies who barge into the room and won't leave. However, sometime later, all of the CAMPUS INVASION girls team up to blow at least four drunken college dudes, including the contest winner. The girls trade off among the guys' eager shlongs and finish them off on their hands and in their greedy mouths. (Bella licks one dude's jizz off her hands like she is lapping up some cotton candy).

Back at their hotel room, Evelyn does the nasty with Tex. First, Tex gives Evelyn some prolonged tongue and finger action in her tight hole as she moans with delight. Evelyn returns the oral favor before the two engage in a nice, multi-positional fuckfest. Evelyn makes some nice noises as she is getting pounded and, while in the doggy position, Tex grabs her ponytails like he is riding a bucking bronco. The fun finishes up with nice, creamy facial.

The gang crashes yet another party and the girls line up to be the main course at a pussy licking contest. After the girls get on the floor and spread their privates for a bunch of horny dudes to get a lick, the king muff diver gets a dual BJ from Bella and Evelyn as his reward. This scene is super fun, as the girls trade off licking and stroking his twig and berries. Again, while Bella's looks don't do it for me, she really does know how to get the job done. And unlike many of the other university dudes who lie there like corpses as the girls suck them, this dude takes the opportunity to slide his fingers under Evelyn's short shorts and manipulate her nether regions until she moans with pleasure. Once again, the girls know their stuff as they get their lucky victim to shoot all over their hands.

At still yet another party (does anyone at this friggin' school ever do any homework?), the girls encounter "Party Bob," a loud, drunken goofball who is trying his damndest to channel the spirit of Bluto from Animal House with marginal success. Bob barely puts his drink down long enough to sign the release form and gets some light paddling from the girls. In short order, Bob heads off to a room with Calli, where she attempts to straighten out his limp, beer impaired noodle with her mouth. Bob tries to compensate for his feeble erection with a steady stream of laughable dirty talk. Despite Calli performing some 69 with her loaded companion, Bob can't quite finish. Nevertheless, Bob's loud, drunken persona is still entertaining.

Meanwhile, Evelyn and Tex manage to meet a couple of very cute, marginally drunk coeds at the party. (One brunette in particular is extremely hot). Somehow, Tex, Evelyn and the girls end up back in their dorm room, and the Shane crew attempts to entice the girls into some naughty extracurricular fun. I immediately got a raging stiffy at the prospect of these two, hot coeds being induced into some full-blown "college girls gone wild" action. Although the girls very briefly touch and lick Tex's man meat (blink and you will miss it), the constant distraction of other loud, drunken idiot students pounding on the door and shouting disturbed all the participants before anything could happen. If Tex and the gang could have induced that hot brunette coed into doing anything, CAMPUS INVASION would have been a homerun for the ages.

Sultry Malorie Marx, a proportional, Hispanic-looking honey with a cute grin and fun attitude, takes a break from the university scene to engage in a lively fuck-a-thon with Tex back at the hotel. The two exchange some oral pleasures, including 69 action, and Tex bangs Malorie hard on the bed, bathroom sink and table. Malorie gives a really fun, vocal performance and even seems to be into it when Tex puts his hands around her throat at one point as he is pounding her mercilessly on the table. This fun and lively scene finishes with Tex leaving a jizz deposit on Malorie's sweaty, vigorously fucked body.

Mr. Marcus and Belladonna also take a break from another campus booze-a-thon, hosted by an obnoxious college-aged Hugh Hefner wannabe wearing nothing but a necktie and a bathrobe, to retire to a fraternity room for an energetic sexual study group. The two trade off oral favors, with Bella performing some of her patented deep-throating on Marcus' hefty licorice whip. Marcus creams on Bella's leg in short order and she bides her time fingering her ass and pussy as Marcus recharges. With his energy renewed, Marcus dives in for a prolonged session of ass-fucking with the accommodating Bella. Bella takes Marcus up her cornchute in various positions before Marcus again releases on her tired rump. In the meantime, Evelyn hands out free Shane's World tapes to the frat boys outside and lets a few lucky participants lick her perky breasts.

CAMPUS INVASION is a nice return to true gonzo porn action. Much of what passes for gonzo today is clearly scripted or highly contrived, and lacks the excitement of real gonzo action usually found in the Shane's World titles. Although Bella and Calli are not my style, Evelyn and Malorie are loads of fun to watch, and all the girls are to be commended for the energy with which they bestow their sexual treats upon the lucky students of Indiana University. And while it would have been fun to see the girls treat some of the college boys to some all out fucking sessions, for both legal and health reasons I understand why they didn't.

Despite filming in noisy, chaotic settings, CAMPUS INVASION, generally sports acceptable lighting, sound and direction. And regardless of whether you find particular girls easy on the eyes or not, all the sex scenes are energetic, boasting top notch performances that don't scrimp on time. However, I found the BJ scenes with the students to be much more entertaining as there is an undeniable, vicarious thrill associated with seeing some dude luck into a blowjob from a hot, little fuck princess, as he is walking to class. Unfortunately, the gang has no success luring any of the giggling coeds into any of the truly naughty fun. Moreover, although there is a tad too much dull footage of general college party drunkenness, that is why God created the fast forward button.

CAMPUS INVASION also boasts an extras disc including lost footage, interviews, photos, bios, and trailers. Although most of this material isn't worth watching, the lost footage segment does contain the sexy Malorie giving a super BJ to a hesitant student who claims to have never gotten off from head. Malorie, accepting the challenge, whips off her top, engages in some nice French kissing with the lucky undergrad and sucks him persistently until he has no choice but to pop. This is definitely a fun scene. No doubt, this flick will do more for enrollment at Indiana University than any glossy brochure ever could.

Bottom line: SHANE'S WORLD 32: CAMPUS INVASION is a fun, energetic, naughty gonzo romp that is definitely worth adding to your porno curriculum.

Reviewed by Joe Blow
Adult DVD Empire