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From: m_mars@lycos.com (Miranda)
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Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 19:58:28 EDT

Gangland White Boy Stomp #10

Cast: Angel Love, Monique, Jacqay, several white guys

Type: Gangbang, black girls.

Format: DVD


  1. Four white guys fuck Angel Love in a bar.  Apparently she has to prove she is old enough to buy a drink by letting them gangbang her first.  Angel Love is pretty good-looking, what some might call 'thick,' not fat but firm-fleshed, fairly dark, nice bubble butt, terrific breasts, though the name 'Allen' is tattooed at the top of one.  (Wonder what Allen thinks about his honey or ex-honey getting bammed by all these white fellows.)  She sucks cock with painstaking sensuality; very nice.  They each fuck her in several odd, contortionist positions (standing and sucking, draped on her back across two stools, etc.), then two guys anal her while she's bending forward on the pool table.  Then they seriously DP her, first briefly on her knees, then more lengthily on her back.  Unfortunately, Angel looks a little bored throughout much of this.  Waiting for it to be over.  Still, she has a great body and seeing her get pumped is good. The guys then shoot on her face and breasts.  Ho hum.
  2. The irrepressible and inimitable Monique, who already did an earlier White Boy Stomp (#4).  This time she has only 3 guys doing her, but she is as exuberant as ever.  Takes place in a video warehouse where she is trying to get some of her own tapes to sell at personal appearances.  All 3 employees take blowjobs from her before passing her on down the hall.  Finally, they strip her and fuck her, including double pussy penetration, anal, and DP.  If you like Monique and her banging body, you will love it.  She moans and whimpers and curses and gesticulates as usual, but she also loves fairly rough sex and gets a little here, though nothing like she does in WBS #4, where they really wear her out.  Still, one of her first-tier performances. The guys shoot in her face, and it is very amusing to see her sitting there while the guys all drift off, dripping semen and plaintively asking "What about my tapes?"
  3. Jacqay, a very light-skinned and pretty ugly girl with an opulent body.  If you like that sort of thing, go ahead, but I could not watch more than 15 seconds of it.

Pros: Monique is great as usual, as well as great to look at, and Angel Love is great to look at.

Cons: Jacqay is an ugly pig, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Bottom line: If you like Monique being fucked by several guys at once, you will go for it.  Angel Love, though bored some of the time, is a bonus.