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From: Patrick Riley <p_riley@pipeline.com>
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Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 02:36:24 EDT

2002--New Sensations
Producer/Director: Peter North
Featuring: Kristy, Sandra Russo, Amythiest, Jasmine Lynn, Maria, Tiffany Diamond, Peter North, Lee Stone, Vito

Eurowhores, and you know what that means: fake moaning, passion-free sex, bodies that are hard to tell apart and are womanly in shape, and a boring unerotic movie. No relief from the two Americans--they have their own defects--and Tiffany might be French-Canadian but that's almost as bad as a Eurowhore. Without cute new girls there's nothing to fall back on so from an erotic perspective this might as well be blank tape. There's a minor interest though in Jasmine's body and seeing how badly Amythiest (from 97/98) has deteriorated.

First up are Sandra (long white blonde hair, medium tits, passable face, not much waist) and Kristy (shoulder length dark blonde hair, passable face, medium/large tits, not much waist) and they strip for Peter and then like practiced whores they're on top of his dick in an instant. Gotta get that customer off to make way for the next one. The go through the motions of a three way including anals of both accompanied by the usual mouth-open fake moaning.

Fast-forwarding along we come to the whorish sight of Amythiest with Lee Stone. She retired back in '98 probably to whelp but obviously life is cold outside the porn industry so she's back again. Facially she's deteriorated considerably and the makeup has been applied with a trowel to try to cover up the undoubted damage but it just makes her look like she's a street hooker. Bodywise she's about the same except for some thickening around the waist and some minor belly flab. Lee screws her but she's obviously been learning her moaning from the Euros and it sounds as fake as it comes. Of course having Lee on top of you can't be too pleasant. Is he developing a hump?

Jasmine is not Oriental but a petite blonde with shoulder length straight hair, small tits, nice little butt, tattoo in the small of her back, and a shaven pussy. Peter screws her including some gymnastic standing with her upside down--careful, a man of his age could have a heart attack doing these sort of things--but again the moaning is fake, this time in the Chandler Steele--"Oh, my god... Oh, yes" mode.

Maria is some sort of Euro with short white blonde hair, passable face, front tooth gap, medium tits, and a lithe body, and she joins Vito on a couch and they screw passionlessly including an anal. (Let's hope these Euros screw like this back in East Slobonia or wherever they come from. That way this should be the last generation.)

Finally, Tiffany sits across a glass table opposite Peter and masturbates which, I suppose, turns him on so they screw in another fake moaning scene. She has shoulder length blonde hair, passable face, small/medium tits, near shaven pussy, and a lithe body.

All scenes end in facials. No condoms were used. Date of production: 10/27/02.

Patrick Riley

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