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From: Patrick Riley <p_riley@pipeline.com>
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Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 01:20:05 EDT

Alternate Name: HUSTLER: CAMPUS CONFESSIONS #1 2002--Hustler Video
Producer/Director: Frank Bonjourno, Paul Arbiton, Clive McLean, Kat Slater, Pierre Woodman
Featuring: Samantha, Sarah, Cintia, Avy Scott, Kima Lee, Sophie, Severine, Gabriella Woodman, Tyler Wood, Tony de Sergio, Billy Glyde, Chris Cannon, Mandy Roberts

Not quite "barely legal" and not quite "Eurowhore going through the motions" and not quite a compilation but close to all of these. The "campus confessions" idea means that the segments have a vague relationship to college or studying or some similar activity but that's all. There's no pirate camerawork as in the {Real College Girls} series. Maybe the segments are the rejects from the other lines. None of the girls are horrible (except Gabriella who's old) but none, even normally cute Kima Lee (credits: just Jade), are worth the rental; the sex in all segments is just going through the motions and if you want a textbook example of fake moaning listen to the last one; and camerawork and reproduction are below standard something that adds weight to the thought that these are rejects. I'm sorry I wasted my time watching it; don't you make the same mistake.

Mandy (long straight brown hair, small tits, passable face, and a lithe body) introduces each segment while taking off her clothes and then at the end we see some guy screw her in super fast forward. Either this is a preview of {#2} or it's a clip from something like {Barely Legal}, maybe a not-yet-released {BL}.

{Fashion Fling}: Samantha cuts class to visit her boyfriend Tyler in his bedroom and they screw ending in a belly cum shot. There's a video camera there and either she wants to video him or he, her but it really doesn't matter. Samantha has long straight blonde hair, passable face, not much waist, cantaloupes, near shaven pussy, flat belly, tattoo right calf outside, tattoo left shoulder back, and a lithe body.

{Pretty In White}: Set in England, Sarah, dressed in schoolgirl-type uniform with white panties, stumbles on the paving outside her home and is helped inside by the gardener Sergio who, once inside, naturally checks out her entire leg and then screws her ending in a facial. Did you know that people who live in row houses in England have gardeners? Neither did I. Sarah has a passable face, shoulder length unkempt brown hair, medium tits, and a racing stripe. She doesn't remove her panties and uses the cummerbund effect making it likely that she's damaged goods.

{Spring Break 2001}: This is an alternate scene for {Barely Legal #26} and has Cintia arriving on vacation at the airport in Mexico and being given a ride by Billy. She stops for a pee on the side of the road although for once we don't see it and then they screw beside the car ending in a facial. Cintia is cute enough for a Eurowhore but it's clear that they picked a better scene for the {BL} movie.

{Cramming}: Avy, Kima, and Chris "study" together which very quickly becomes a three way during which both girls are penetrated. Cannon has his arm in a cast which obviously limits his movements and Kima just lets Avy carry most of the load. Speaking of load, if there was a cum shot here it was minuscule and might have moistened Avy's face only.

{Unexpected Punishment}: Sophie and Severine (I don't know which is which) wander around the streets of Paris with books under their arms and enter a building where they meet "Dean" Gabriella. For some reason Sophie and Severine do a g/g which then becomes a g/g/g with the addition of Gabriella. The brunette has short black hair, lithe body, cantaloupes, passable face, and a hairy pussy. The blonde has short hair, medium tits, passable face, and a shaven pussy. Gabriella has blonde hair, large tits, and a thick old body.

No condoms were used. Dates of production: 4/4/02; release: 8/27/02.

Patrick Riley

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