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Subject: "Yankee Seduction" (1984) Info
From: Gemini_06@webtv.net (Gemini 06)
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Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 11:52:05 EDT

iafd info:


A Jerome Tanner Film

Yankee Seduction


Janey Robbins


Kristara Barrington
Ron Jeremy

also with

Jack Baker
Summer Rose
Tony El-Ay
Mo Twilly

special guest star

Field Marshall Bradely

Directed by Jerome Tanner

Sex wise:

Kristara screws Ron with no cum-shot while Tony watches, inter-cut with Janey, Summer, and Jack doing a 3-way with no cum-shot. At one point, an un-credited Black guy stunt-cocks for Jack.

Kristara screws Tony ending with a butt cum-shot, inter-cut with Mo screwing Ron ending with a butt cum-shot while Field watches.

Mo screws Field ending with a pussy and belly cum-shot.

Back to the 3-way with Janey, Summer, and Jack (or the un-credited Black guy) ending with an oral and facial cum-shot of Janey.

A 4-way with Janey screwing Field ending with a butt cum-shot, and Summer screwing Jack with no cum-shot.

Summer and Topaz do a girl/girl with a dildo.

A 4-way with Summer screwing Field including an anal ending with a butt cum-shot, and Topaz screwing Ron ending with a pussy cum-shot.

Janey and Kristara do a girl/girl.

Janey, Ron, and Tony do a 3-way including an anal by Ron with no cum-shot, inter-cut with Kristara giving Jack a blowjob ending with an oral and facial cum-shot.

Kristara screws Field ending with a belly cum-shot.

Back to the 3-way with Janey, Ron, and Tony. Janey gets DP'ed (Tony in pussy, Ron in ass). Tony cums on Janey's pussy and on his own dick, and Ron gives her a butt cum-shot.

This movie takes place in 1865, somewhere down south in the post Civil War era.

The iafd lists this movie as 1985, but 3 other sources list it as 1984.

Racism is taken to the max in the Mo / Field scene. After Ron cums, he puts his dick back in and continues to thrust. At this point, he sees Field watching them. Ron tells Mo to keep her head down and to think about his dick. Ron sneaks out, and Field sneaks in. Field starts to do Mo doggy-style. At this point, she still thinks that it is Ron. She eventually turns over and sees that it is Field, and she looks terrorfied. She tries to pull away from him, but Field pulls her to him and continues to screw her. In the middle of this she shouts "Fuck me you n..... fuck me". Talk about being politically incorrect!

As I have mentioned in the past, the reason why the late Jack Baker was such a good actor (especially in his non-sex roles) was because he had a good amount of mainstream (movies and TV) experience before he got into porn. May he rest in peace.

Ron Jeremy was always hairy, but he was much slimmer in this movie than he is now.

If I remember correctly, someone posted here that Kristara Barrington in now a veteranarian.

Does any know where Janey, Summer, Tony, Mo, and Topaz are today?

I have a feeling that the whole cast had a lot of fun making this movie.

Gemini 06