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From: Patrick Riley <p_riley@pipeline.com>
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Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 22:15:31 EDT

2001--Randy West Product.
Producer/Director: Randy West
Featuring: Sunrise Adams, August Night, Margo, Lacy Duvall, Lee Stone, Julian Andretti, Randy West

Maybe the old saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder is correct. I haven't watched one of this series in a while and after a constant diet of Ed and Witrock, not to mention the Extreme crap, I'm starting to appreciate Randy. Sure he's old and sounds and looks it but physically he's more presentable than Ed, has less of an ego, and the camerawork and lighting is much, much better. In contrast to Witrock he doesn't suck up to the 14 year olds and expect the girls to have tremendous orgasms and he actually asks the girls to speak up so that the viewer can hear what she's saying. He also does better than Witrock and much better than Ed in giving us a look at the girl while she standing, both clothed and naked, and spending some time to view her body. (This is such a no-brainer I can't believe the others don't do it. Innate stupidity, perhaps?) However, this tape was done in 11/01 and view date, just after release, was 4/02. The result is that I've already seen this particular set of girls (except Margo) in umpteen videos and it's a little hard to accept them as fresh.

Lacy in particular who at the beginning I accepted for her adorable little body, has, over the intervening months, shown a hooker-like going-through-the-motions attitude so I'm on the look out for it. And here it is in all its glory: She really doesn't want to have Randy touching her and she turns her head to one side any time he comes close to her face, her moaning is patently false, and her body language is that of the pro doing a job.

Similarly August, although not nearly as hard as Lacy, isn't convincing in her scene: she just smiles pleasantly and does the work as required.

Sunrise, who admits in this movie to being the niece of Sunset Thomas, has her ups and downs lookswise (especially facially) and here she's on a "down". It's not that she's ugly but she's a little plain in comparison to her role in (say) {Barely Legal #18}. Probably has something to do with her makeup and the time of the month. In contrast to Lacy and August, her scene starts out very well with lots of kissing (which she seems interested in continuing but Lee just wants to get on with the action) and body fondling but, although very athletic, it degenerates into some fake moaning. Unless you're super-sensitive (like me) you may well find this scene convincing especially as at the end you notice a fast flash of an erect clit.

However the best is Margo who was seen in {Real Sex Magazine #46} where I wasn't too enthralled especially as she seemed too tall. That's not in evidence here probably because Julian who she's paired with here is (I suppose) taller than Lee who screwed her in the {RSM} scene. We spend lots of time admiring her body which is really excellent although perhaps a little emaciated. She's not pre-pubertal though and does have a waist and appropriate proportions. After the examination of her body she reappears for Julian dressed in garter belt and stockings which would normally get the proverbial Bronx cheer from me but somehow here she looks sexy in them. There's lots of normal kissing and fondling and some "nice" light-hearted talk--Julian treats her gently and seems like a nice guy and she responds in kind. Too much fellatio though and the ending is an on-tongue cum shot which she swallowed and made me feel nauseous.

In summary, sexwise: Lee screws Sunrise ending in an ICS which looked genuine and we watch leak out; Randy screws August ending in an ICS which also looked genuine and which we also watch leak out; Julian screws Margo ending in the on-tongue cum shot; and Randy screws Lacy ending in a facial. No condoms were seen. Date of production: 11/30/01.

Patrick Riley

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