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Subject: BOBBY STEELE REVIEWS The Big Bust (Vivid Video)
From: bobbyxxxsteele@aol.com (Bobby XXX Steele)
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Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 14:37:13 EDT


The Big Bust (Vivid Video)
Director: Guillermo Brown
Length: 1 hr 25 mins
Rating: 3.4 out of 5.0
Cast: Dasha, Charlie, Ginger Paige, Jade, Amber Michaels, Mr. Marcus, Julian, Dante
What to Expect: straight wall-to-wall sex, safe sex, facials, squirting, inter racial sex, lesbians
Formats Available: VHS
1. Charlie w/ Dante (3)
2. Ginger Paige w/ Julian (4)
3. Amber Michaels w/ Julian ( 3 &fraq12;)
4. Dasha & Jade (3 &fraq12;)
5. Dasha w/ Mr. Marcus (3)

In a video that has nothing to do with large chested women director Guillermo Brown (whose film "The Bet" I also reviewed) tells the story of Dasha & her rise to stardom.

In the opening scene Charlie & Dante hook it up in old black & white footage. What starts as a grainy, silent movie turns into the sex scene we are accustomed to. Dante starts by lapping Charlie's pussy with his tongue. She responds with a pretty solid blowjob. The couple is dressed in roman togas but shred all their garments once the sex begins. Dante fucks Charlie (w/ condom) in reverse cowgirl & doggy before cumming all over her ass. A quick scene.

While checking out the house they will be filming in Julian is seduced by Ginger Paige, the married owner of the house. She shows him how wet her pussy is & of course he just has to taste it. One good lick deserves another as Ginger goes down on Julian in the bathroom. He is considerate enough to don a condom while fucking another man's wife (standing doggy) They move outdoors & after some more pussy licking, Ginger gets her walls stretched missionary. While the husband is in the living room discussing details of the usage of his house Ginger & Julian run from room to room behind his back. Julian gets Ginger
back in the bedroom for 1 final spoon position before busting a nut on her tits.

In another flashback to early porn (the 70's) Amber Michaels & Julian (playing a pizza boy) get it on in Sweetie Erotica #37 (a Swedish erotica spoof) Julian is sporting a huge afro (funny stuff) Amber gets on her knees to sucks his cock
thru his polyester suit, then gets her box licked clean. Julian (never losing the fro & shades) fucks Amber in doggy, reverse cowgirl & spoon before getting a face full of cum.

Dasha tells us about being down on her luck so she decides to give a guy a blowjob for $200 problem is he's a cop. Once in jail fellow inmate Jade has her
hands all over Dasha. She doesn't resist & the 2 ladies go at it in their jail cell. After pleasing each other with their tongues the ladies share a double-headed dildo (how did they sneak that in the cell?) Dasha fingers herself (3 fingers) & shows off her talent of squirting. Jade gives Dasha the advice that she should get into porn.

She does & retells her 1st scene. It's with Mr. Marcus; they start with a blowjob that gets him stiff. Marcus inserts the bone & fucks Dasha in standing doggy, missionary (in a swing), standing doggy again, this time with her leg propped up & his cock up her ass. The scene never actually ends because the cops raid the set. (Oh! I get it the Big Bust) Marcus ends up cumming on a detective's shoe.

Because of this incident Dasha becomes a famous & the rest as they say is history.

OVERALL: What is this crap! Vivid is better than this nuff said!

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