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Subject: REVIEW: Double Penetration Virgins #10: D.P. Calling
From: Patrick Riley <p_riley@pipeline.com>
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Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 16:58:37 EDT

Double Penetration Virgins #10: D.P. Calling 2001--JM Productions
Producer/Director: Jim Powers
Featuring: Aurora Snow, Devin DeRay, Wanda Play, David Hardman, Rick Masters, Damien Michaels, Julian St Jox, Jay Ashley

This is particularly repulsive even by the standards of the crowd who brought you {American Bukkake}, {Gag Factor}, and similar series. An obscene caller rings Aurora and tells her that she's a rich bitch and that she's next. For what, one might ask? A rape style DP which she's just secretly waiting for and will love when it arrives. Oh yeah, that's believable!

To illustrate his point the caller tells her about her neighbor Devin and her DP at the hands of Masters and Hardman. We see of course. Devin dates from 1995/6 and this looks like an old scene that has been inserted but old or not, Devin is horribly ugly. Amazon, huge cantaloupes, hard face,... it's nauseating just thinking about her.

Aurora's sleeping on her bed clad only in panties when the next call comes from the sleazoid and after the usual menacing he tells her about another neighbor (a "blonde bitch") being DP-ed by Damien Michaels and a camera-shy guy who I guess is Rick Masters. Wanda has short unkempt blonde hair, passable face, small droopy tits, loss of belly muscle tone, butt cellulite, tiny tattoo on her left belly, tattoo right belly at the bikini line, tattoo left butt, and sparse pubic hair.

Back with Aurora, the caller gets her to masturbate and then go downstairs in the rented mansion where she's jumped by Julian and he and Jay share her including a DP with lots of gaping. She loves it of course.

All scenes end in facials and no condoms were used. Dates of production: 7/12/01, 7/11/01.

Patrick Riley
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