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Subject: 800 Fantasy Lane DVD
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Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 22:59:06 EDT
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Review of 800 Fantasy Lane (DVD)
(Posted 12/21/01)

Bottom Line: A borderline classic, currently at bargain prices. Be warned, though, it's been edited to remove part of a scene involving fisting.

Actresses                                                   Actors
Nanci Suiter                                              Jamie Gillis
Aubrey Nichols                                        Bud Wise

Chris Anderson
Hillary Summers
Lisa DeLeeuw
Desiree Cousteau

"800 Fantasy Lane" is kind of an upscale version of "Taxi Girls," another 1979 porn film. Instead of hookers taking refuge in a cab company, as in "Taxi Girls," here a bunch of "actresses" are running a swanky real-estate company. Apparently pussy sells property. Nanci Suiter, Aubrey Nichols, Serena and Hillary Summers are also links between the two films. Producer/director Svetlana had a talent for attracting beautiful women to porn (and for little else, unfortunately). Still, Aubrey and Nanci are a beautiful team, and the other cast members are generally attractive and sexually compelling.

The Scenes:

The opening titles of the movie are hand written (none too expertly) on the naked body of a really good looking girl. Pity that's about all she's used for.

1- Lisa DeLeeuw and Desiree Cousteau:
After arriving at the Playboy-style mansion of Hollywood Star Realty, Jamie and Bud spy on Serena and Desiree Cousteau. This is the scene that was edited from the original release to remove the sight of Desiree's fist being inserted into Serena's more than flexible enough puss. Now fisting does nothing for me, but how can it be o.k. to show Jamie Gillis spitting in a woman's face and singing her pubes with a lighter, but not o.k. to show a purely consensual act? Anyway, the g/g scene is otherwise rather tame, just a dull fingering job with too many cut-aways for reaction shots from Jamie and Bud. Maybe the reaction shots were all that was left after the edits.
2- Jamie Gillis and Lisa DeLeeuw:
After being shown to their room in the mansion, Bud spies on the girls in the pool below their window and jerks off. Uh, I really didn't need to see that. Anyway, Lisa DeLeeuw walks in on him wanking off and he scurries away. Lisa then tries to sell Jamie some real estate, talking mostly to his penis. After some oral ministrations, Lisa finishes him off with a tit fuck, ending with a facial and some post cum play. I was never a big fan of Lisa, and I think she's put to shame in this movie by fellow redhead Aubrey Nichols, but if you like her, enjoy.
3- Aubrey Nichols, Nanci Suiter and Jamie Gillis/Bud Wise: On the way to view some property, Jamie and Bud nuzzle Nanci in the back seat of the limo. Gawd damn, that girl looks good. Understandably, Jamie dumps Bud on the way to the house and enjoys Nanci all by himself. Once they arrive, chauffer Aubrey and Nanci take Jamie on a tour of the house and then double team him. This is good stuff. The girls rub their tits together and then take turns sucking his dick and licking his balls. Before they can proceed to the next phase, Bud shows up and gets rid of Jamie. Taking over, Bud get blown by the two ladies, cumming onto Nanci's absolutely perfect breasts. The scene ends with a little simulated looking fucking, Aubrey on top of Bud. Maybe he blew his load too soon, and they never got to the fucking and so had to fake it. An o.k. scene, but it could have been much better if they just left Jamie there till the finish. Bud Wise, with his little pinky pecker, definitely brings down the energy level of the scene. 4- Chris Anderson, Desiree Cousteau, Serena, Hillary

Summers and Jamie Gillis:
Ah, an S&M scene with Jamie Gillis and Serena. How special. Serena was so often filmed while suspended like a Peking duck on a hook, her face mascara streaked and contorted, that it's easy to lose sight of the fact that she was a good looking woman with a very nice, athletic body. Hillary Summers is borderline cute. Chris Anderson is a large breasted bottle blonde with an o.k. face and is the mistress in this scene. Desiree Cousteau, in a see through nightie, playing Mistress Chris's "favorite," looks good in this scene. Perhaps it's because she's the only one not suspended from the ceiling. Jamie Gillis gets to be himself in this scene which, since he's kind of a self-created fictional character in the first place, is a bit redundant. I'm not an S&M fan, and so I won't comment on the S&M merits of this scene. I would guess it's better acted than most, and probably with more attractive females. There's slapping and the above mentioned spitting and singeing of Serena, and the first real fucking of the movie, which is a shame. It ends with a facial on Hillary Summers marginal face.

There's a scenelette of Bud with Lisa DeLeeuw and two unknowns, playing a game of topless tennis.

5- Chris Anderson, Nanci Suiter, Aubrey Nichols, Serena,

Hillary Summers and Jamie Gillis: Well, this is fucking Xanadu in a bathroom, one of my favorite scenes ever. Jamie Gillis and five women enjoy the wonders of personal hygiene. How can sex be dirty when it's in a bathtub? The girls look great, and Serena and Hillary prove that women look better when their faces are not spit stained and forlorn. Nanci, not to repeat myself, looks incredible, Aubrey is luscious and Serena cleans up real nice. Starting out with some scrubbing and rubbing, Jamie moves to a quick fuck of all five girls. He finally ends with an invisible cum shot. 6- Desiree Cousteau and Bud Wise:
Shots of Desiree and Bud Wise are intercut with the above scene. Why? Why!? This scene is dull, poorly lit, poorly filmed and does nothing but reduce the quality of the bathtub scene above. Oh well, whatever. This is porn, after all. Semi-decent facial ending. 7- Chris Anderson, Aubrey Nichols, Serena and Jamie Gillis:

Chris Anderson, Aubrey Nichols, Serena and Bud Wise: After smoking some weed, Jamie and Bud hallucinate. This must be really special stuff, as the boys have some pretty vivid visions. Bud imagines himself with a crude six foot long papier-mâché dick, ejaculating a fountain of skim milk while Chris, Aubrey and Serena dance around his maypole, bathing in his manly flow. A non-sex scene, but still hot, in a strange kind of way. Jamie imagines himself an animal tamer in a circus, taming a tiger (Aubrey), a leopard (Chris) and a pony? (Serena). Jamie "tames" each of the girls in turn, and instead of the old stick your head in the lion's mouth trick, he does the dick in the tiger's mouth trick. Pretty cheap makeup on the girls, as it rubs off all over Jamie as the scene progresses. Still, they're definitely trying. It's a lot more interesting than anything you'll see in American porn today. Jamie ends the scene by cumming on Serena's face.

The Plot (Warning! Contains Spoilers!): Gas station attendant Victor Durgis wants to go on vacation, but hasn't got the necessary cash. His gas station buddy, John, shows him an ad for Hollywood Star Realty, a strange real estate company which wines and dines and fucks rich potential buyers. HS Realty maintains a mansion in which to entertain the customers, and the boys book a room, planning to pass themselves off as oil tycoons. Karen (Chris Anderson), who seems to run the place, is in some sort of rivalry with Victoria (Lisa DeLeeuw). Olivia (Nancy Suiter) and Samantha (Aubrey Nichols) seem to be on Karen's side. After the boys arrive, Victoria tries to interest them in her "property". Before Victoria can get them out the door though, Karen intervenes, first introducing them to "fellow" oil-man Hubert Fiedler, who immediately suspects they're phonies, then waylaying them to a property that Olivia and Samantha want to show them. Olivia sits in the back of the limo on the ride to the property, and the boys fight over her, Vic dumping John on the side of the road. John catches up with them at the house and fakes a message from the SEC to Vic, forcing him to leave. Vic leaves, fuming and returns to the mansion, where he indulges in some S&M solace. Vic agrees to buy the house that Olivia showed him, knowing that they will have the entire weekend before the papers can be processed, after which he and John will split. Meanwhile, Hubert Fielder is checking them out, with the intention of denouncing them as phonies. Vic, overhearing Fielder plans for him and also hearing that Fielder is going to be carrying a large load of illicit cash, decides to rip off Fielder before he leaves. With the help of John, Vic succeeds in turning the tables on Fielder and escapes with the money and the girls.

Anal: None
Shoes: None in scenes 5/6, only Serena (w Jamie Gillis) in

scene 7, otherwise they all wear shoes during sex. Condoms: None
Facials: Lisa DeLeeuw, Hillary Summers, Serena Implants: None
Tats: Small heart tat on Serena's ass.
Piercings: None
Fetish: S&M

Year of Release: 1979
Director: Svetlana
Producer: Svetlana
Writer: Svetlana