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From: Niklas Zypher <zypherMEOW@hotmail.com>
Subject: Mini Review: Private Black Label #'s 6-8: The Uranus Experiment 1-3
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 21:30:56 EDT

Mini Review: Private Black Label #'s 6-8: The Uranus Experiment 1-3

In the manner of Kafka: the principal purpose of this review is to identify the cast.

Tons of hype and heaps of money didn't help these movies become anything but one of the most tedious things I've ever seen in porn. John Millerman, the director, storyboarded all of it, even down to the sex, and created an almost totally static trio of movies, where the sex ranges from lame to incredibly lame.

Some rare points of interest are: Bettina has pubic hair. A couple of cumshots have been filmed in near-freefall. Nick Lang stands on the surface of Uranus!

Bettina [A.k.a. Betina Campbell]
Caroline Cage [cr: Kata Lynn]
Christina Dark [cr: Cristina Dark. Brunette who used to have black hair in several appearances in the _Private Stories_ and the _Triple-X Video_ series. A.k.a. Christine] Cristina [Redhead with bangs. Also in _Private XXX Video #2_]
Eva Roberts [A.k.a. Claudia, Brandy]
Gabriella (#1) [cr: Gabriella OR Csilla OR Stephanie. Brunette with bolt-ons. A.k.a. Isabella] Gabriella (#2) [cr: Gabriella OR Csilla OR Stephanie. Brunette with a face like molten lava. A.k.a. Carmen, Gaby, Gabry]
Julia Taylor
Kristina Kiss [cr: Christine. A.k.a. Krisztina, Christina, Christina Power. Private have tended to call her Christina Dark since she appeared in this trilogy, but what do they know!]
Liza [Redhead who also only did lez on _Amanda's Diary #3_.]

Melody Kord [cr: Estell. A.k.a. Estelle, Estelle Belle, Brita, Britta, Brigitta, Brigitta Nelson, Brigitte, Bridgitte, Nicole Brygam, April]
Monique Vanda [cr: Vanda. A.k.a. Monica Vanda, Anita, Anita Vanoa]
Nicole Thompson [cr: Sonia. Cute blonde. A.k.a. Nicole Thomson, Szonya, Angelica]
Noemi [Also in the last scene on _Private XXX Video #4_, but a lot less lez]
Silvia Saint [A.k.a. Sylvia Saint, Sylvie] Tavalia Griffin
Wanda Curtis [A.k.a. Laura, Annalisa Montezemolo]

Andrew Youngman [A.k.a Andrew Joungman, Andrea Youngman, Andrew Young, András]
Attila Schuszter
Frank Major [A.k.a. Franck Major, Frank Mayor] James Brossman
John Walton [A.k.a. Jolt Walton, Jolth Walton, Djolt Walton, Zsolt Walton, Jolt Gaber, Zolt Nemeth]
Leslie Taylor [A.k.a. Leslye Taylor, Leslie Gipsy, Leslie White]
Max Cortes [A.k.a. Max Cortez]
Nick Lang [A.k.a. Nik Lang, Attila, Attila Lunn, Attila Hunn, Attila Hann, Attilio Dorelli, Dorian Lux] Oliver Sanchez [A.k.a. Oliver Sanches, Olivier Sanchez, José Olivier]

Scene breakdowns:


  1. Eva Roberts / James Brossman
  2. Nicole Thompson [bj only] / Attila Schuszter
  3. Melody Kord [bj only] / Nick Lang
  4. Monique Vanda [lez], Melody Kord [lez], Gabriella (#1) [lez]
  5. Melody Kord / Andrew Youngman
  6. Wanda Curtis / Nick Lang
  7. Silvia Saint / Frank Major
  8. Bettina / Frank Major
  9. Julia Taylor / James Brossman
  10. Melody Kord [lez], Christina Dark [lez]
  11. Christina Dark, Nicole Thompson, Cristina / Frank Major, Oliver Sanchez, Max Cortes


  1. Cristina [bj only], Caroline Cage, Nicole Thompson / Max Cortes, Oliver Sanches
  2. Wanda Curtis, Silvia Saint, Kristina Kiss / John Walton, Andrew Youngman, Nick Lang
  3. Bettina / Nick Lang
  4. Liza [lez] / Noemi [lez]
  5. Gabriella (#1) / Oliver Sanchez
  6. Melody Kord [just a lick on the dick], Tavalia Griffin [brief bj only] / Nick Lang


  1. Silvia Saint, Wanda Curtis / John Walton
  2. Monique Vanda, Julia Taylor / Max Cortes
  3. Kristina Kiss / Andrew Youngman
  4. Silvia Saint [lez] / Kristina Kiss [lez]
  5. Gabriella (#1), Gabriella (#2) [bj only], Julia Taylor, Kristina Kiss [anal only], Wanda Curtis / Nick Lang, John Walton, Frank Major, Leslie Taylor

Sex stunts are: Near-weightless cumshots in scenes 2:2 and 3:1 [part:scene], and a DPP for Christina Dark in 1:11.


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