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From: ronk489385@aol.com (RonK489385)
Subject: Ron's Review: Gangbang Auditions 8 -- Hotter than 7
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 08:49:15 EDT

Ron's Review - Gangbang Auditions #8

Synopsis: This is the best Gangbang Auditions yet, and yes, it is even hotter than GBA #7, a damn tough act to beat. All girls swallow, all do double vaginal gangbangs, and two do double anal gangbangs. The girls are all relative new and very cute. What else can a gonzo fan desire? Maybe, all three girls do double anal gangbangs, but I have to be careful not to be too greedy. Greed is good but too much of a good thing spoils the soul, or is it her asshole? This video is heavenly and the camera action is straight Diabolic
with super close-ups. The editing can be improved a bit, but the camerawork and editing beats the somewhat lacking camerawork/editing of GBA #7. The format is typical GBA with the customary interview followed by the five guys on
one girl gangbang. What else is there to report, except all three girls are from the Great White North and 2 are from the French-speaking province of our dear and beloved Northern neighbor. I look forward to the next World Sex Tour
of our northerly neighbor.

Scene 1: Shyla, the blond cover girl is introduced. She reported just doing her first double anal a week ago. I have no idea which video this is and it may be a Diabolic or Anabolic video that has not yet been released. I clearly
have to get my hands on this video whichever one it is as soon as it is released. Shyla is real cute and clearly the cutest babe in this video. She looks too cute to be doing all these nasty sex acts, but hey, that is the fun part of watching nasty gonzo videos. They start her off with vaginal sex and cock sucking. This is followed by a double vaginal gangbang in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions, and then with double penetration in the cowgirl
position. She then does a double anal gangbang in the cowgirl position where several guys take turns doing double anal. This is followed by the reverse cowgirl dap gangbang. Mr. Marcus participates and it seems (I am not sure) that Lex also does dap with Shyla. Her buttski gets thoroughly stretched and used. This is followed by a standing dp and the swallow scene. She swallows the load, two guys at a time. She is really cute and really nasty. She clearly was having fun and is a firebrand sexpot. This is a super scene and is
clearly worth the cost of the entire video. At this point, anything else is gravy but what deluxe gravy. I am in love with Shyla and want her to be the mother of my offspring (fat chance).

Scene 2: Kimberly, a French Canadian, is introduced and she does not speak too
much English. Kimberly is a brunette with the perfect B cup and she is also drop dead gorgeous. However, she seems more passive compared to Shyla. She starts with vaginal, and this is quickly followed by the double vaginal gangbang in reverse cowgirl. This is then followed by the gangbang dp and the
swallow scene. The swallow scene is one at a time. This scene would have been
rated very highly except that it follows a super scene. Also, Kimberly did not
rise to the challenge of doing double anal.

Scene 3: Judy Starr, a sluttish blond, has a right nipple pierced with a big ring. Her tongue is also pierced. She is also French Canadian but with better
command of the English language than Kimberly. Her scene is also very hot. She does double vaginal gangbang in the reverse cowgirl positions, followed by
dp in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. She then does her double anal gangbang, and this may be her introduction to pleasures of double anal. We are talking of a dap virgin here. She takes the dap gangbang from almost all comers (except Lex and Mr. Marcus, but that would be expecting too much of
any sweet young thing) in the reverse cowgirl position and she keeps yelling, "Fuck my ass, Fuck my ass." This is followed by the swallow scene, and she swallows one at a time. She has the nasty, sluttish look that is a prerequisite for any gangbang video. This is clearly a superior scene.

Summary: Great video and this is truly a smoker. Shyla is really drop-dead gorgeous and she loves to fuck. Kimberly is more passive but also very cute.

Judy Starr is somewhat sluttier and nasty. It is hard to believe, but GBA #8 is actually considerably hotter than gba#7. And I rated GBA #7 an all-time classic, so much for all-time classics.

Diabolic is now the hottest production company, and Gangbang Auditions is the best gangbang series, period. I am in love or is it lust with all the babes here. A new star, Shyla is born. This is the best mini gangbang video, period, and I do not know of any close rival. Now, I eagerly await GBA #9 and
want to see how Diabolic can outdo GBA #8. This is going to be a real challenge guys, or is it gals?