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From: Patrick Riley <p_riley@pipeline.com>
Subject: REVIEW: The Blowjob Adventures Of Doctor Fellatio #37
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 03:45:50 EDT

The Blowjob Adventures Of Doctor Fellatio #37 2001--Elegant Angel Video
Producer/Director: Dr. Fellatio
Featuring: Jewel De' Nyle, Onika Fox, Brigette Kerkove, Kelsey Heart, Kianna, Sharon Wild, Cherie, Brie, Foxy Lady, Melissa West, Phoenix Ray, Alana Evans, Monique Ja Temme, Lainey Dee, Roxy, Terra Part, Sienna, Marty Romano, Shay, Adam Wild, Steve Austin

Another set of fifteen BJ's with the usual marginal camerawork and lack of any sexual interest whatsoever. Of course when questioned, just as they tell Ed that they love older men, here the girls say how much they love giving BJ's... to the point of giving them for free...er, well, not quite that far. At least the tape's useful for some tentative ID's, camerawork permitting.

Onika has a marginal face, small tits, and curly black hair and can be seen in {Barely Legal #15}. Kelsey is credited as just Kelsey. Kianna is one of the many and has shoulder length brown hair, bee stung lips, small tits, and a passable face. Cherie has a passable face, multi-shaded shoulder length blonde hair, black arched eyebrows, small tits, a very tight waist, butterfly tattoo just below her belly button, belly button jewel, shaven pussy, nice little butt, and a lithe body. Brie has a passable face, cantaloupes, and a lithe body and can be seen in {North Pole Series #23}. Monique is older with poor dentition, long black hair, medium droopy tits, and a not too pretty face. Lainey has a marginal face, long straight blonde hair, medium droopy tits, tight waist, shaven pussy, belly button jewel, and a lithe body. She says that she's 20 years old. Roxy has long dirty blonde hair, marginal face, medium/large tits, stubbly pussy, and a thick body. Terra has a passable face, long dirty blonde hair, and plucked black eyebrows. You don't see her body at all.

Date of production: 7/2/01.

Patrick Riley
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