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From: Patrick Riley <p_riley@pipeline.com>
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 05:31:57 EDT

2001--Elegant Angel Video
Producer/Director: Toni Ribas
Featuring: Linda, Inga, Mallory, Caroline Cage, Blondy Bunny, Claudia Famsson, Pamela, Nacho Viadal, Franco Roccaforte, Tony Ribas

For the most part, unattractive European women in scenes with no set-up, no dialog, and no emotion. Added raincoater bonuses are the Anabolic-like camerawork and the A2M's. Only one scene shows a mild level of passion and that's the one with Claudia (she's also the best looking) but it's not good enough to recommend the movie.

Linda has a marginal face, long straight black hair, too much eye make-up, small/medium tits, not much waist, and a large (appendectomy?) scar on her right belly. Nacho screws her ending in a belly cum shot.

Inga has short blonde hair, marginal face, medium/large tits, and a near-womanly body. Mallory has short straight red hair, marginal face, medium tits and also a near-womanly body. Inga and Mallory do a four way with Franco (wearing a head mask) and Tony including a DP of each of the girls ending in separate facial/butt cum shots by each male. The camerawork is particularly bad in this scene.

Caroline has a marginal face, shoulder length blonde hair with a curl at the end, tattoo left shoulder back, cantaloupes with under-breast scars, racing stripe, belly button jewel, and a flabby thick body. Blondy has shoulder length white blonde hair, passable face, black eyebrows, medium tits, very tight waist, stubbly pussy, and a big butt. Caroline and Blondy do a four way with Nacho and Tony with all the problems of the previous four way, ending in facials.

Claudia has a passable face, shoulder length blonde hair, too much eye makeup, small tits, tight waist, lots of moles on her body, trimmed triangle of pubic hair, and a lithe body. She would be pretty without the makeup. She gyrates for Tony and then they screw including an anal ending with him jerking himself off onto his own dick. A good scene with some passion from both of them.

Finally, Pamela has long straight blonde hair, marginal face, tattoo right shoulder back, large droopy tits, racing stripe, and a thick body. She preens on a windswept beach and then Tony arrives and screws her including an anal ending in a facial. Looked cold and awkward.

No condoms were used. Date of production: 6/19/01.

Patrick Riley
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