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From: Gemini_06@webtv.net (Gemini 06)
Subject: "What Gets Me Hot!" (1984)
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 10:09:05
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica

iafd info:


Island Home Video


A Richard Mailer Production

What Gets Me Hot!


Tracy Lords

In her first screen appearance

Sean Alexander
Tom Byron
Bunny Blue
Mark Wallice
Susan Hart
Don Hodge
Maria Kay
Herschel Savage
Steve Hand
Leslie Thane

Directed by Richard Mailer

Patrick Riley's cast list from "The X-Rated Videotape Guide VI":

Bunny Bleu, Traci Lords, Dorothy Oh, Susan Hart, Helga Sven, Mary Kay, Marc Wallice, Steve Powers, Herschel Savage, Sean Alexander, Don Hodges, Tom Byron, Leslie Thane

A neighbor of mine who lives down the hall from me has a porno collection like you wouldn't believe. He told me yesterday that in our local video store (which only has 80's porno movies for rent) to rent the 1986 movie named "Cheerleader Academy". He said that Traci Lords' first movie ("What Gets Me Hot!") which she made at age 16 is on the video and not "Cheerleader Academy". I went to the video store to see if he was full of shit or not. I found the "Cheerleader Academy" box. I brought it up to the counter, and the clerk gave me a cassette which read "Cheerleader Academy" on the cassette label.

I popped it in my VCR, and my neighbor was right. It was "What Gets Me Hot!" Apparently, the store doesn't know (or care) if the box and the cassette label match the movie on the tape itself.

Traci (credits: Tracy Lords) definitely did NOT look her age (16) in this movie. She looked the age that she was pretending to be (21). In 1984, precocious puberty wasn't the epidemic that it is today. It was isolated to a few like Traci.

The sex scenes are as follows:

Sean, Marc, and Tom do a 4-way with a girl. Tom in pussy, Marc in ass, Sean in mouth.

Susan screws a guy.

Herschel screws a girl.

Helga screws Don.

Bunny screws Marc.

Traci screws Tom. After Tom cums, he puts it back in and keeps pumping until he cums a second time.

Bunny and Sean do a 4-way with 2 other people.

All of the females are HOT, and (other than my local video store) this movie is not available in the U.S.A.

Traci was in NYC yesterday. She was in a hair salon turning brunettes into red-heads. Her web site at:


is under construction.

Goddess Victoria Jacobs