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From: Patrick Riley <p_riley@pipeline.com>
Subject: REVIEW: Cumback Pussy #40: Fun And Natural
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 23:34:18

Cumback Pussy #40: Fun And Natural
2001--Elegant Angel Video
Producer/Director: Dion Giarrusso
Featuring: Brigitta, Zsuzsa, Sharon, Claudia, Linda, Pamela, Taylor St. Clair, Claudia Bella, Samantha Twistor, Tony Ribas, Bobby Vitale, Sergio Wind

The usual problems with the Euro-girls: no emotion, poor generally duplicated ID, big bodies, and going through the motions sex. The Brazilians in the last scene look like low grade hookers from the favellas although Claudia Bella has looked better in other movies, particularly {The Adventures Of Peeping Tom #24}. Taylor is the lone American but given her size and weight she might as well be European. Having said that, Sharon, who may be the same as Sharone in {Sodomania #35}, and Claudia are both exceptions to the general hefty Amazon Euro-girl and could be attractive if they showed some emotion during the sex. No premises or set-ups other than Taylor being a "French" maid.

Brigitta (Amazon, long blonde slightly curly hair, marginal face, large tits, paintbrush) and Zsuzsa (Amazon, marginal face, long black hair, thick body, medium tits, shaven pussy) eat bananas and tell us they come from Budapest (duh!) before doing a three way with Tony ending in a facial.

Sharon has long straight brown hair, passable face, small/medium tits, big butt, belly button jewel, no areola, and slightly fleshy body. Claudia is pretty with blue eyes, short blonde hair, small tits, very white skin, flat belly, near shaven blonde pussy, and a lithe body. Both are Hungarian. They do a three way with Tony including an anal of Claudia only ending with a good drop shot on her non-dilated asshole.

Linda (Amazon, passable face, shoulder length blonde hair, 21 years old, medium tits, dash of pubic hair) and Pamela (Amazon, shoulder length blonde hair, medium/large tits, tattoo right shoulder back, marginal face) and Tony do a three way including an anal of Pamela only ending in a tit cum shot.

Taylor, dressed as a "French" maid, preens and pretends to dust while being watched by Bobby. Eventually and without too much reason, they screw ending in a facial.

Claudia has long curly black hair, native look, small tits, and not much waist. Samantha has long reddish-black wooly hair, small tits, marginal face, shaven pussy, and some surplus belly flab. They do a three way with Sergio (I suppose) including anals of both girls ending in a facial.

Condoms were used in the Sergio scene; the others were condom-free. Date of production: 3/5/01.

Patrick Riley
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