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From: Patrick Riley <p_riley@pipeline.com>
Subject: NOTES: Lacey Is Da New Brat
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 00:30:24

Sterile, passionless.

2000--Video Team
Producer/Director: Tom Stone
Featuring: Lacy Duvall, Dee (black), Silvia Saint, Arial, Misty McKnight, Paige Lasalle, Mark Anthony, Byron Long, Vince Voyeur, Lee Stone, Richard Logan (2000), Nikki Fairchild

Likely an undisclosed compilation including the scene with Lacy and the one with Arial from Pick Up Lines #57. I haven't seen PUL #57 and I'm basing this on the pictures on the box so I'm not quite at the point of shouting "consumer fraud" yet, but it's close. If it's not exactly the same but shot at the same time, you'd want to consider whether you want to see a near duplicate. The thing running against it being a compilation is that Odyssey and Video Team are not connected to my knowledge and to sell scenes to another company for release at about the same time would seem to be bad marketing practice. Still that never stopped anyone in the porn business.

Exactly the same format as Pick Up lines with the passionless boring sex set in mansions or cars the cast could never afford and ending with the usual guppy-mouth cum shots.

Lacy is very cute and there's one scene of her walking from the door to the couch which highlights her gorgeous little butt and lower part of her body. Her tits however need breast reduction surgery. Down about a cup size. They're just too big for her body.

Arial is a LosA stripper who can be seen in RSM #32 and others but she's only part black. Comes from San Salvador. Does a scene with her manager/boyfriend Richard but it's perfunctory. Despite her very nice body and pretty face it's not too arousing.

Misty McKnight has a nice body, wavy dark blonde hair, and a passable face. She just masturbates.

Paige is another high quality body but only a marginal face. She can be seen in Black Cheerleader Search #39 and others.

Silvia only does a g/g and there's no anal sex.

All condom even for Arial and Richard.

Patrick Riley
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