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Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 18:16:23


Produced by: Extreme Associates

1 part "Reality TV"
2 parts filthy talk
3 parts Jasmine's famous attitude

Jasmine St Clair [Facial, Anal, ATM, DP] Lizzie Borden [NonSex]

Anyone into porn knows who Jasmine St Clair is. She was the first (and best looking) girl to jump on John T. Bone's "Worlds Biggest Gangbang" series after Anabelle Chong thought it up (and then got cheated out of her money.) She is beautiful, stuck up, and a total bitch. She is also a hose beast of considerable ability.

After seeing her take on 200 or so guys, I wanted to see how she did with one or two, and I picked up this DVD with high hopes. Unfortunately they were dashed when I realized that while Jasmine is all of the things I mentioned above, that even she cannot carry a movie entirely on her own.

That is exactly what this is. 5 chapters, divided into "Days". All of them staring Jasmine, and filmed in almost exactly the same way.

MONDAY: Fuck a buff blonde dude, vaginal, anal, facial, ATM This is kind of funny, and shows how much bullshit is involved in filming a porno. After the anal, the guy has to pull out and Jasmine waits for about 15 minutes while he whacks off. She is pretty verbaly abusive of him, and obviously hates this part. When he finaly spunks on her face though, you would think that his spoo is honey and ambrosia as she wipes it off her face and licks her fingers clean.

TUESDAY: Fuck a pair of guys, vaginal, anal, DP, facial. This is interesting as one of the guys appears to be a professional IE: Buff, Rock Hard. The second guy looks like an older guy they pulled off the street. He has a lot of trouble getting and staying hard. They would probably edit this scene out in a less "reality" based porno.

Before the come shot, we get a bit more insight into Jasmine, and how much she hates cumshots.

WEDNESDAY: Fuck a different dude, vaginal, anal, ATM

This is really getting old

THURSDAY: Fuck a different dude, vaginal, anal, ATM, facial This one is filmed slightly better than the 3 previous scenes. Jasmine seems to get into it when he gives it to her doggie style, and the camera captures both the penetration, and the expressions on her face as she gets plowed into. The dude is absolutely vicious during the anal, but Jasmine takes it in stride.

FRIDAY: Fuck a different dude. vaginal, anal, facial This scene is filmed by Slain Wayne, and has a different feel, but exactly the same subject matter. Jasmine tells some story about how much she wants to fuck this guy. Then they do.


Beauty: Jasmine is pretty hot but isn't gonna be on the cover of Cosmo anytime soon. 3 of 5

Kink: The only real kink is the ass to mouth action. 3 of 5

Photography: Pretty good for an Extreme film. 3 of 5

Overall: This movie IS spankable. However, it fails to distinguish itself from the other hordes of product crowding the shelves of the Adult Video Megaplexxx. It is appropriate that this film ends with Jasmine sitting on a couch saying "Fucking Whatever."

You said it baby.

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