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From: le_chevallier <le_chevallier@yahoo.com>
Subject: Review: Ben Dover's Sex Kittens of Britain
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 02:04:54

I have enjoyed many of Ben Dover's flix and this was certainly no exception. Highly recommended 137 minutes!

Scene 1:

The 30 minute first scene starred Zoe, a brunette with amazing large and natural tits, and Afton, a cute blonde with perky smaller tits featuring huge nipples (the better part of an inch long) and a big round ass. The scene alone made the video worthwhile. Zoe's body is simply awesome; slim and stacked though her face leaves a little to be desired (if it's not already obvious, I am a tit fan, preferably of the big and natural variety). Zoe and Afton play with each other, and then wank two guys a little. They step away to give the guys a show; they get dry humped a bit. Zoe starts eating and fingering Afton. Zoe gets dry humped some more (she still has her damn blouse and denim shorts on) while still eating Afton. Afton blows one guy while on her back and being eaten and fingered. He fucks her face a little, then she bobs her head up and down on his cock with real vigor, eventually deep throating his medium size cock. A fabulous blow job. The boys spank Zoe a bit before finally stripping her shorts off at 10 minutes into the scene (and revealing her knickers bearing the logo "Come and get it" on them). Zoe gets eaten on her back, grabs her tits and vigorously shakes them about. The girls get fucked while lying on their backs. Both are moaners. Ben and the other camera guy get wanked a bit. Zoe finally takes off her blouse and panties 16 minutes into the scene. God what a body. The girls take it standing doggy. Afton really, really gets into a reverse cowgirl, with Zoe licking the guys balls, still taking the standing doggie, and Afton really bobbing her head on camera guy two (this should have lasted longer). Girls side by side in luscious looking RC's. Afton's more exuberant than Zoe, but Zoe's huge tits bounce about. Afton has a very real looking orgasm. Afton claims to be an anal virgin, but I don't buy it; Zoe tells her it's really nice. Zoe preps her ass, licks one guy's cock, and helps guide it in to a doggie anal while rubbing Afton's clit. Afton likes! She blows camera guy two. Both girls take hard CG DP's; Zoe filling all 3 inputs. Guy 1 blows his whole load into Afton's mouth; we miss the cum swap, but the girls kiss with Zoe's mouth now filled with cum. Guy 2 spurts a facial. Guy 3 and Ben also blow their loads into Afton's mouth who proceeds to share it with Zoe; the copious loads streaming down Zoe's face into her hair. The scene ends with the girls kissing and licking each other's cum-streaked faces.

This was simply awesome, and I rarely say that. Hell, this is only one of my first reviews (though I have watched hundreds of flix), and it inspired me to finally get off my duff and share it with you. My only complaints are that (1) Ben should have stripped Zoe earlier, (2) Zoe's tits, and we viewers, deserved a good titfuck, and (3) both DP's could have lasted longer. Nevertheless, this scene should be required viewing for all porn stars and directors.

Scene 2:

Ben meets Debbie, a tall slender brunette fan of his in an adult video shop where she works. She is wearing some great leather short shorts and high heeled boots with fishnet stockings; a nice slutty look. After some chat, Ben checks her out some and they return to his studio. Debbie strips down showing us her cute tits with nice aereola and nips. Slim body, but not tight. Debbie plays with herself energetically and Ben joins in fingering her. She adds a vibe and fucks herself well with it. (Too bad all porn chicks can't get into it like this amateur.) Pascal joins in. Debbie sucks him a little, takes him doggie on the floor, then standing. Debbie is a real moaner. They move to the couch for a RC; Debbie moves her hips well. Debbie shows off her flexibility, standing and bent over as she tries out Ben's Anal Training Kit (consisting of progressively larger butt plugs) with the vibe in her pussy. She graduates to Pascal's cock in a pile driver anal (supposedly her first). She then takes him like a pro by riding an aggressive RC anal. Action progresses to a spoon anal with the vibe in her pussy while briefly blowing the second cameraman. All three blow their loads on her ass and pussy making a pretty mess.

Scene 3:

Ben follows Alexis up the stairs to her apartment. She's a very cute, 23 year old strawberry blonde with a generous ass, awesome, very large natural looking tits (by the time I thought I saw a scar, I did not care about her tits apparently being fake), pierced navel, and a strange tattoo on her arm and a small one on her hip. They chat over a glass of wine, including her mentioning she just broke up with her 44 year old boyfriend. Alexis strips, plays with herself, sucks Ben's cock and balls. Assistant Bob and Alan enter. She sucks and wanks the guys, and gives Ben a nice foot job, while they finger her a bit. She lies back on the couch, and takes Bob while wanking and sucking the other two. Nice bouncing tits. She moves on top of Alan for a brief RC before Alan apparently cums inside her prematurely. She sucks Alan some, Ben crams her panties into her pussy and then Alexis mounts Bob's knicker-covered cock in a brief RC. WIth panties removed, Alexis humps Bob hard; her lovely tits flailing about. Bob fucks her hard in standing doggie. Alan returns to continue the same and Alexis sucks Bob. The three guys blow their loads in her face for a nice messy facial, with cum dripping on her tits. We are left with her tantalizing us by telling Ben that next time he comes by, she wants them to fuck her up the ass. (I deserve to see that now, damn it.) She looks like she would love a torrid DP, not to mention a good titfuck.

Scene 4:

Amanda enters the studio, a very cute 23 year, long haired brunette, supposedly in for a modeling interview. Great smile and I like the white knee-high socks. She tells us about her previous job as a contortionist working as a magician's assistant. Amanda changes into some white daisy dukes and stretches for us, showing us her generous ass and her flexibility by doing a very full split. She strips off her top and shows us her tight body with beautiful, small yet firm, perky tits. She puts one leg behind her head standing, and falls back on the bed while putting both back there. I'm sold! She strips off the shorts after some alleged convincing and puts her legs behind her head again. Ben's mate Mario eats and fingers her. She blows him kneeling, then in 69 including some deep throat. Ben gets his cock sucked briefly. Amanda gets fucked by Mario on her back. She tells Ben she is going to want to fucked up the Arse. Mario fucks her doggie and she finally starts to get into the sex. Amanda mounts him RC. Mario fucks her briefly spoon anal, then doggie anal. Mario cums on her ass, which we see from below. Amanda licks clean the camera lens which got some cum on it. Ben stands above her and wanks off on her pussy while she has her legs back behind her shoulders. Overall, a promising, enjoyable scene. Unfortunately, Amanda never really gets into it, even while doing everything we want, and often with that beautiful smile on her face.