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From: Patrick Riley <p_riley@pipeline.com>
Subject: Review: Extreme Teen #9
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 23:08:10

Extreme Teen #9: Amongst The Vultures
2000--Extreme Associates
Producer/Director: Luis Cypher
Featuring: Jamie Lynn, Kristina Black, Dusty, Kyla Young, Suzanne Storm, Jade Marcela, Claudia Adkins, Luciano (Mike Long), Marc Woods, Claudio Cazzo, Jason McCain, Gino Greco

Extreme seem to finally be getting their act together and doing a reasonable job at least in recruitment of the prettier of the new girls and in the story lines and even the--dare I say it--acting. The things that constantly bring them down are the degrading facials and painful anals. Unfortunately one has to live with the facials or otherwise be limited to a couple of movies a month starring the cantaloupe-equipped plasticized bimbos and there are only two anals here and no A2M, rimming, or other associated disgusting acts. Another big negative is the meanness associated with the stories. Why? I suppose Extreme is going for the "raincoater getting his own back on the nasty females" market but it makes watching and listening to the little stories, innovative though they are, an unpleasant experience for normal people.

Jamie, who looked young even in {Bring 'Um Young #2}, looks almost pre-pubertal (say eight years old--move over Max Hardcore) here with her hair in two pigtails and clad in kiddie pajamas. She talks about how she was shocked the previous night when her parents had one of those special "parties" with the people "all naked and everything" and one of the guys came into her room and made her suck his dick. The guy turns out to be Luciano and he's back but this time he wants more than to just have his dick sucked and screws her after which he calls her a little teenage whore and, while she cowers in her enclosed bunk bed and looks like she might burst into tears, he tells her that she shouldn't tell her mother.

Kristina (see also {Bring 'Um Young #2}) looks better in this movie perhaps because she's on her feet and moving around a lot of the time. At the beginning, while she lies naked on a chair poolside, she talks on the phone about how her parents are away and how she's not going back to school and then lies back for a good suntan. But she's being watched by her brother, Justin, who finally makes his presence known and plays (or is?) the fool. He chases her around the outside of the house while she tries chastely to cover her nudity with first a skimpy towel and then her hands. But it seems that this is all an act and the two have had incestuous relations in the past, something that is proven by the skill and lack of reticence with which they screw. In the end, in another little bit of meanness, she drowns him in the pool saying, "It's going to be nice being an only child."

Dusty (shoulder length brown curly hair, passable face, bushy eyebrows, small tits, lithe body, prominent tan lines, shaven pussy, no visible tattoos or piercings) and Kyla (credits: Kayla Swallows--see {The Babysitter #3}) seem to be having some lesbian sex out in the woods when along comes nature photographer Marc with his handy camera. There's no real g/g but I suppose for the purpose of the story we should presume that Marc sees more than we do. He confronts them and promises to publish the photos on the internet and they'll do anything to avoid that--even a man. They do a three way which is notable for the falsity of the moaning and groaning and then for the zinger you know is coming, they rub poison ivy all over his underpants.

In the next one, we're almost but not quite to the point of tying the girl down and screwing her, something far more erotic than the excreta-focus we have in all too many movies. Claudio seems to have employed hooker Suzanne (see {Gag Factor}--passable face, long brown hair in pigtails, tattoo right shoulder outside, tattoo around left ankle, small firm tits, tiny triangle of pubic hair, tight waist, lithe body) and has her dressed in a traditional schoolgirl dress, not the habitual blouse and skirt. She's impatient and keeps asking if she should take off her panties now but he wants to savor the moment. We cut to her tied up in the bathtub (empty) while he fondles her and then, at the last moment he releases her and they screw. Not a good scene with her looking very bored or perhaps disgusted and the screwing in and around the bathtub is awkward. The zinger? He grumpily leaves at the end and the camera returns to see her in the tub with the rope around her neck, presumably dead.

Gino talks on the phone about his mail-order bride (?) Jade who doesn't speak English but is always wanting sex and sure enough she appears and is all over him like a rash. Since Gino is about as attractive as Hardman or Masters one can question the believability of this but they screw including an anal. Just pro sex. After he finishes and leaves she picks up the phone and asks the person on the other end if they heard all that; i.e., she speaks perfect English. So?

The last scene is probably the best with Luciano and the heard but not seen cameraman creeping into a backyard where Claudia (pretty, facial acne, shoulder length black hair, plucked eyebrows, small tits, prominent tan lines, stubbly large pubic area, tight waist, lithe body, no obvious tattoos or piercings) is sleeping and sunning herself beside the pool. Luciano simply slaps his dick against her face and when she wakes he rams it into her mouth. Some gagging and he's not too nice to her either physically or verbally but strangely she seems to be quite excited by the sex which includes an anal. She really doesn't speak apart from a few words so it's hard to tell about her nationality but if she's foreign she's most likely from Latin America and not Eastern Europe. The other thing that crossed my mind is that she might be mentally or otherwise handicapped but we'll have to wait for another movie to check this out. The ending of this scene has Luciano pushing her in the pool and telling the cameraman that he can have her now but this is interrupted by the arrival of her father. The guys flee.

All scenes end in facials and no condoms were used. Date of production: 9/4/00.

******End review

Descriptions for rame readers seeing they don't have the referred-to movies:

Jamie Lynn: Passable face, short blonde hair, tattoo of a confederate flag on her right shoulder back, tattoo of a heart on her left belly, small tits, splooge of pubic hair, lithe petite body, 19 years old, comes from TX, DOB = 6/16/81.

Kristina Black: Kristina comes from CA, DOB = 6/28/82, 5'6" tall, 110lbs, 18 years old, passable face, piranha teeth, long straight black hair, small/medium unequally-sized tits, racing stripe, slightly bulging belly, lithe body, no obvious tattoos or piercings.

Kyla Young: Long straight blonde hair in two ponytails, passable face, small tits, shaven pussy, lithe body, no obvious tattoos or piercings.

(Piranha teeth = TM Torris)

Patrick Riley
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