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From: p_riley@pipeline.com (Patrick Riley)
Subject: Review: Torn (1999)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 99 12:54:52

toomacabre@aol.com (TooMacabre) wrote:

>LOL... oh my Gawd! I can't believe you guys are being so closed minded about
>this. It's cracking me up! You're PORN connoseuirs! You're supposed to be all
>about letting people be open with their sexuality! How ironic.

Wrong. What we're "all about" is paying our rental or purchase dollar to the porn industry in return for a product that will get our dicks' hard. That's generally achieved by cute YOUNG things getting naked in a scenario into which we can insert ourselves and imagine it's us fucking them. PC rubbish doesn't enter into it except that anything that is likely to be PC is likely to be non-erotic.

My dick didn't even stir while I was watching Torn except when I remembered Ginger's scenes in A Little Bit Of Hanky Panky and Too Naughty To Say No. It did get hard--very hard--watching the YOUNG Sue Moreland and the YOUNG Cindy Stokes in the 1971 movie My Little Sister and the YOUNG unknown with small tits and tight, tight waist who played Mary in the also 1971 movie Two Sisters, which I viewed on the preceding night. IOW, contrary to rumor <g>, my dick is not dead and responds normally to an appropriate YOUNG female and male-orientated story.

> But anyway...
>just wait until the Ginger Lynn flick will be released and then you'll see. It
>really is one of her best yet.

Yeah, it's not of course. I bypassed likely erection causing movies such as RSM #22 and #23 and the drool-level-I'm-certian Barely Legal from LFP to push Torn to the top of the screener pile so as to bring rame a review of the subject movie.

*****begin review

TORN (1999)
Producer/Director: Veronica Hart
Featuring: Ginger Lynn, Chloe Nichole, Staci Valentine, Kylie Ireland, Juli Ashton, Mia Smiles, Rayveness, Devin Wolf, Sean Michaels, Michael J. Cox, Chris Cannon, Alec Metro, John Decker, Julian Andretti, Tina Tyler, Sharon Mitchell, Veronica Hart, Scottie Schwartz, Cary Radcliffe, Jake Smiler, Beth Ann Rafael, Sterling, Michael Hart, Geleon, Mark Kernes, Michael Danze, Debbie, Stirling Gaylord, Jack Rowan, George Kaplan, Wit Maverick, Johnny Come Lately, Vincent Chalbouny, Kopax, Patty, Chanze, Shawn Bigg, Brian Adlawan, Spanish Johnny, Liza Van Dorn, Lisa Beth Rafael, Donald Peters, Casey Webber

A comeback vehicle for 37 year old Ginger Lynn which will undoubtedly appeal to her slavering fan boys but treated as a pornographic movie--one that is supposed to produce sexual arousal--it's the usual failure. Does VCA really think that I want to fantasize about a 37 year old when there are all those 18/20 year olds with nice firm flesh arriving daily in such series as {Freshman Fantasies} and even {More Dirty Debutantes}? Probably not but they, or more precisely the anachronistic Veronica Hart, want to stress a politically correct and anti-male concept that old biddies are still sexual which you can see here in the characterization of Ginger and the males. The story is from Ginger and Chloe's perspective with the focus almost exclusively on them and the males are mere ciphers to be used by the females for their (the females') enjoyment. Kylie's scene, for example, has her using Devin while wimpy husband (I suppose) Scottie sleeps beside them in the bed. Devin (what a name for a guy!) reminds me of Johnny Toxic with glasses and could rival Jerry Lewis at his worst in the acting department.

The story has Ginger as a promiscuous and bitchy soap opera star, Chloe as a lesbian photographer, and Devin as a dentist, all high school friends but separated and now living in Los Angeles, coming together for a wedding in Chicago, realizing they love and miss each other and finally getting married (all three together) back in LA. There are a few detours along the way to add to the sex scene count and provide employment for the VCA regulars but generally it hangs together quite well. Although Ginger is no Gwyneth Paltrow as an actress, she's light years in advance of the rest of the porn industry and even Chloe in her non-sex scenes and her lesbian scene with Ginger does a credible job. The dialog measures up to the daytime soap operas.

Ginger was a cute young thing back in 1984 in her rape scene in {A Little Bit Of Hanky Panky} or as the catholic schoolgirl in {Too Naughty To Say No}, two movies you would be well advised to try to find, but today the ravages of age have put her in the only-useful-for-non-sex-roles category. Rather than trying to describe the differences let me just treat her as though she were a totally unknown performer appearing for the first time. She has a passable but aged and lined face, long straw-colored blonde hair with a fringe, small breasts with little areola, lithe petite body, no waist, some loss of belly muscle tone, trimmed triangle of blonde pubic hair and shaven between her legs, scrawny legs, red lips tattoo on her left butt, and a small flower tattoo on her right ankle outside. The camera is very careful about not focusing on her belly, only showing it when she's using the cummerbund effect or when she's on her back with her arms above her head and taking a deep breath creating a very prominent rib cage. You're not fooling anyone, guys.

It starts with Ginger on her soap opera set emoting with fellow actors Cox, Metro, and Cannon. Then we cut to Chloe who has a delivery from Mia and puts the hard word on her resulting in a g/g and the usual over-the-top performance from Chloe while getting an American fister.

Back on the set Ginger takes a pee (we hear) and doesn't wipe (tch, tch) and then for some reason plays strip checkers with Tina, neither girl getting naked. That night Ginger, Metro, Cannon, and Cox do a four way including a DP ending in chest cum shots after which she shows how bitchy she is by telling them they'll be fired from the soap opera.

Meanwhile elsewhere dentist Devin is examining Staci who aggressively grabs his dick and wants to play. He's reluctant but she gives him a BJ (tit cum shot) and then he leaves for his plane. Nurse Rayveness comes in and she and Staci do a g/g to be joined eventually by ex-gay Julian (credits: just Julian) for a three way resulting in a missed tit cum shot (we see the residue).

Ginger is now in the plane seated next to Sean and in her dreams (I suppose) masturbates, gives Sean some oral sex, and does a g/g with stewardess Juli. At the end, Sean whacks off on Ginger's tits.

At a bar in Chicago, Ginger, Chloe, and Devin reminisce about old times and while Devin and Chloe get drunk, Ginger takes old boyfriend Decker into a back room and screws him over a pool table ending in a butt cum shot.

Devin struggles back to his hotel but goes into the wrong room resulting in the Kylie scene I referred to earlier. It ends in a belly cum shot.

Back in LA, Ginger calls on Chloe and they express undying love for each other resulting in a g/g. Devin arrives and Chloe disappears to make a phone call so that he can screw Ginger. After some oral he jerks himself off on his belly and then continues with some in-out resulting in no visible cum shot.

That's it. All scenes use condoms. People not mentioned as performing sex are extras. Mark Kernes is credited as Bob Neuwave. Date of production: 3/99.

*****end review

Patrick Riley
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