Butt Banged Hitchhiking Whores

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Subject: Review: Butt Banged Hitchhiking Whores (Anabolic)
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Butt Banged Hitchhiking Whores
Cricket, Dina Juwel, Oceane, Sabrina Johnson, Zarah Lee, Layla Jaded,
Bridgette, Billy Glide, Kyle Stone, Sean Micheals, Vince Vouyer, Mark Davis,
Lexington Steele
(runtime: 140 minutes)

Ya' know how sometimes ya see a video box with a killer hot girl on the
cover? Then when you watch the video, you only see the girl for a few
minutes or the scene she is in really blows. The best thing about Anabolic
and Diabolic Video is that you never have that problem. Just about
everything the two companies put out is way off the peter meter.

The awesome box cover girl, Cricket, introduces each scene. Scene one has
Dina Juwel getting in to an argument with her boyfriend. He ends up dumping
her off by the side of the road. She stands there hitchhiking before Mark
Davis, Sean Michaels, Mr Marcus and Billy Glide pick her up. Seems they were
out searching for something huge enough to stuff in Vince Vouyer's big
mouth. Anyway, Dina offers up her kickin' bod as payment for a ride. The
guys whip out a blanket and bone her right there on the road. She sucks
everyone off while they rotate doggie fucking her. She is mish fucked by
everyone, ass fucked by Mark, then has all the guys shoot their loads on her

Oceane is out hitchhiking. She is picked up by Mark Davis and brought to an
industrial area where she has to fuck him and Lexington Steele. Both guys
are blown and Mark gets first wack at doggie fucking Oceane while Lex sticks
with his BJ. Lex then doggies her too. They lay her down for a mish fucking,
then Mark fucks her ass in mish. So does Lex. In the third round of follow
the leader, Mark ass fucks her doggie style. Lex choses the cowgirl pussy
plowing instead. Mark makes it a DP by mounting her assshole from the top.
Just when you thought Oceane would chicken out on the Lex ass stuffing,
Anabolic delivers the goods. Lex plows the blondes' back door. For the big
finish, Mark takes much pleasure in jerking himself silly, again, before
cumming on her face. Lexington lets out his Tarzan yell, then shoots a glob
on Oceans' face as well.

Lexington picks up Sabrina hitchhiking and takes her way up in the hills.
She sucks Lex' pole and gets her pussy stuffed in mish and doggie. Lex
wastes no time in doggie ass fucking Sabrina on the front of the Jeep. It's
long and deep and super jerk-off worthy. Sabrina gets on her knees to take
Lexingtons load. After she does, Anabolic spoils us with a lengthy post
cumshot sucking.

Zara Lee is an escort service girl. Mr Marcus and Kyle Stone hire her. They
don't pay her and end up fucking her in the back of this moving truck. Zara
in an older, tall thin type blonde with an aggressive attitude and piercings
on her nipples and pussy. She sucks both and has her pussy licked by both.
Kyle doggie fucks her first, and then spoon fucks her while she keeps her
mouth full of cock. She mounts Marcus in reverse cowgirl and ends up taking
her ass fuck in the mish position from Kyle. Mr Marcus and Kyle both doggie
ass fuck her for a while, then she gets a cowgirl DP. Mr Marcus shoots on
her face and Kyle unloads in her mouth. More post cum sucking is nice.

Lexington Steele picks up Bridgette and Layla Jade. He pulls off the side of
the road and takes them in to the wilderness. The two tag team suck him.
Bridgette looks awesome on her back being fucked in mish. But that's nothing
compared to the doggie fuck her perfect ass takes. Bridgette isn't the most
beautiful girl in the world, but she has a hot, tight, natural bod and takes
most of Lexington right up her asshole. Lexington ass fucks Layla in
cowgirl, goes back to Bridgette's ass in mish then positions both girls in
the pile driver position and alternates between both of there willing
assholes. Lexington shoots his load in Layla's mouth. She spits it in
Bridgette's mouth and the two play "who's got the HIV" game.

A few minutes in to the final scene, marble-mouthed Vince has already
mumbled more words than he should. Our incredible host, Crickett, is in the
back of an Explorer giving Vince head. Luckily, Vince quickly fills his
mouth with poon instead of dialogue. Cricket jumps up top for a cowgirl fuck
while Vince fiddles with her bunghole. Back at home, Crickett gives Mark and
Vince what they love most. She rubs their dicks togetherů inside her mouth.
Mark fucks her in a standing doggie. Vince takes her in reverse cowgirl and
doggie anal. Mark fucks her reverse cowgirl before Vince moves in to DP
position, which brings Cricket to a squeeling orgasm. Cricket takes two
mouthfuls of cum after Mark jerks off like a monkey first, of course.

Wow! Mind blowingly hot! Anabolic must shoot at dusk or dawn because their
outside lighting is right on target. Editing is crisp, camera work is always
super and the girls, especially Cricket, are incredible. Highly recommended,
don't miss it!

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