Backdoor Passes

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Backdoor Passes 3
Produced 03/99 Elegant Angel
129 minutes

Where To Buy
RAD Video, Inc.
3802 Rosecrans St., Ste. 500
San Diego, Ca. 92110
(800) 722-4336

Director: Dale Jordan and Dion Giarrusso

Starring: Melanie Stone, Dolly Golden, Kate Moore, Heaven Leigh,
Shelbee Myne (Shelby), India, Pat Myne, Nick East, Chris Cannon, Alex
Sanders and Tyce Bune (Tice). 

A delight for anal sex lovers. Six babes, all having anal sex. Each
scene begins with the girl(s) talking about the first time she had
anal sex. A few talk into the camera while riding a mechanical horse.
Every scene ends with a facial, though India gets no cum on her face
and Dolly gets very little. Dolly has the videos only d.p.. Kate Moore
is a sexy new brunette from Holland. There is some girl/girl sex
between Shelbee and India. I enjoyed the anal sex, but was
disappointed with a few of the facials. **Dolly, Heaven and Shelbee
have sex without condoms, the other three females have sex with

Scene One: Melanie Stone and Pat Myne. 
Melanie starts things off. We see her spraying her pussy with water in
a shower and also riding a toy horse (the kind you feed a quarter to).
She tells us a dirty story of her first anal. Melanie uses a vibrator
(turned on) and her fingers on her asshole and pussy. She talks dirty
just before Pat arrives. He watches her fuck her ass with the vibrator
as she rubs her pussy with her hand (Pat jerks off). Melanie, on her
knees, blows Pat. She eyes him while sucking and stroking his cock.
They go inside where he tongues her asshole, then fucks it (condom
used). She uses the vibrator on her pussy while Pat sodomizes her.
Melanie moans loudly at times. She also fingers and rubs her pussy
while having anal sex. Pat fucks Melanie's ass in a few positions for
a while. He pulls out and stands over her. Pat jerks off as he cums on
her face and tongue. Melanie briefly takes a suck on his cock.
**Melanie does some dirty talking during the scene. 

Scene Two: Dolly Golden, Nick East and Tyce Bune. 
Dolly, like Melanie, shows off her fine body before the sex begins.
Dolly had anal sex four years ago for the first time. Dolly is
outdoors on a blanket with Nick. He's soon fingering her and trying to
plant his face between her butt cheeks from behind. Dolly blows him
briefly before he eats her out and fingers her. She strokes his dick
in her mouth. Her and Nick are screwing when Tyce joins in to get
head. Both guys get to fuck her pussy while she blows the other one.
Dolly also sucks Nick's cock and balls while having anal reverse
cowgirl sex with Tyce. The guys later d.p. her with Nick in her ass.
Nick jerks off and cums. He misses her face and cums on her chest. She
strokes and licks his cock. Tyce jerks off and cums. He misses her
face too, but gets a little cum on her tongue and chin. Dolly strokes
and licks both cocks. 

Scene Three: Heaven Leigh and Alex Sanders. 
Heaven, like Melanie, rides the horse. She tells us that she's a bad
fuckin' girl and of her first anal experience. She gives Alex her
"Backdoor Pass" (each girl has one). Alex tackles her on a mattress
and humps her (just some fooling around). He's soon licking and
fingering her pussy and asshole. He uses fingers from both his hands
to finger her asshole at the same time as she rubs her pussy. Heaven
blows Mr. Sanders (some without her hands). Alex sticks his dick in
her pussy for a second, then pulls out to get more head. He fucks her
mouth with his cock as saliva drips from her mouth. Heaven briefly
licks his balls. Alex fucks her pussy, then ass, in a few positions.
He pulls out to have her briefly taste his dick before he resumes
sodomizing her for a short time. Heaven suck his cock and licks his
balls before Alex cums on her face and neck. She gives some post cum
head, looks into the camera and says "did you ass fuckers like that?"
Heaven licks her upper lip as the scene ends. 

Scene Four: India, Shelbee Myne and Pat Myne. 
The two girls ride the horse as they tell us of the first anal sex
they ever had. On a bed, the girls each exchange oral sex among
themselves. Pat enters and gets blown by Shelbee. During the scene,
Pat tastes both pussy's, but only finger fucks Shelbee. His dick fucks
both pussy's and assholes (Pat only uses a condom with India). Shelbee
sucks his cock briefly towards the end of the scene (ass to mouth).
Pat jerks off and cums on India's hand and neck, and a little on
Shelbee's face. Shelbee only tastes his cock after he cums. **During
the scene, both girls rub the pussy of the girl getting sodomized
(Shelbee does some licking too). Only Shelbee gives Pat any head. 

Scene Five: Kate Moore and Chris Cannon. 
Kate rides the horse nude and tells us that she's from Holland. Kate
is a sexy brunette. Chris licks her asshole and pussy. He also finger
fucks her pussy. Chris fingers her asshole as she opens his pants.
Kate blows him, licks his balls and eyes him at times. She strokes his
cock in her mouth. Chris fucks her pussy, then ass, in a few
positions. Chris talks dirty to her and she responds with some dirty
talk back. Kate sucks his condom covered cock before they resume
having anal sex. Chris jerks off and cums on her tongue and face as
she eyes him. Kate sucks and licks his dick. She eyes the camera and
says (with cum on her face) "Backdoor Passes, in the ass, I like that
so much". *Kate eyes the camera several times during the scene. 

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