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Subject: Review: Wanderlust (LSB)

Issue and Release date 02/99 Sin City
84 minutes

Where To Buy
RAD Video, Inc.
3802 Rosecrans St., Ste. 500
San Diego, Ca. 92110
(800) 722-4336

Director: J. J. Michaels

Starring: Nikki Anderson, Julia Taylor, Nancy Lee, Nicole, Cindy,
Nina, Marina Gold, J. J. Michaels, Roberto and Bobby T.. 

Filmed in Prague, Czechoslovakia. J. J. goes on his honeymoon trip
even though his fiance left him two days before the wedding.
Depressed, he walks the streets of Prague. There he bumps into a girl
(Julia) who takes him home and shows him a good time. J. J. is feeling
better, but moves on to Budapest where he finds a beautiful Nikki
crying on a bench. They console each other. After a sexual encounter,
the two find love and all is well. 

The stars are European, except J. J., but English is spoken by all.
The sex is the type I've come to expect from European videos. Hot!
Each scene has the standard oral sex and fucking, but also contains
anal sex with a facial cumshot. Altogether there are five scenes.
There are no all girl scenes, but there is some brief g/g sex. Three
scenes are b/g and two are b/g/g. J. J. performs in three of the
scenes and is the videos director. The girls are attractive, but
Nicole and Nikki are the standouts in my opinion. Nikki is actually in
a class by herself in beauty. She's simply one of the hottest females
in porn on the planet earth. Good job J. J., very enjoyable. **No
condoms are used. The ending credits says filmed in Budapest and the
boxcover says filmed in Prague. 

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