Best Of Bunghole Fever

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Subject: Best of Bunghole Fever (Seymore)


                       MARY JANE, JORDAN MCKNIGHT, DEVIN
                       DERAY, SEYMORE BUTTS, SEAN
                       MICHAELS, TOM BYRON AND MORE.

Scene one is from Big Boobs in Buttsville. It features Tom Byron and Devin.
Seymore and Tom are playing pool when Devin arrives. Devin is a big titted
sort of black or Brazillian type with a nice ass. I met her at CES a couple
of years ago and she was a total space cadet. She is kind of ditzy here too,
but at least we get to watch her get fucked. Tommy goes right to work with
the ass and muff munch. He then bends Devin over the pool table and fucks
her in the doggie position. She deep throats and tit fucks Tommy's bone
before he takes her in the bedroom and butt fucks her in the spoon position.
He continues to fuck her ass in a lying back reverse cowgirl before blowing
his wad on her black pussy.

Scene two is from Tushy Heaven. Seymore walks in on Sean Michaels Alisha
Klass and Samantha Stylle. Alisha is fingering Samantha's asshole and pussy
while Samantha sucks Sean's cock. Alisha sucks on it next, then the two
tag-team it. Samantha sits on Sean's cock in a cowgirl while Alisha does
pussy to mouth cock sucking. Alisha readies Samantha's asshole for Sean to
stick his cock in it. He gives Sam a royal doggie ass fuck then cums on both
ladies' faces.

Scene three is with Seymore and Jordan McKnight. She is kind of feeling
herself up and talking to Seymore about her first squirting episode. Seymore
props the camera on a tripod of sorts and gets busy with the fellatio doing
his best to make Jordan squirt. After much clit licking and fingering he
brings Jordan to a tearful and squirting orgasm.

Scene four has Seymore and Alisha walking in on Tyce and Mary Jane. Alisha
is quickly kissing Mary Jane and sucking her nipples. Tyce is working over
her pussy with a little finger and tongue work. Alisha actually lets Seymore
finger Mary Jane a bit too. Alisha lies back and gets eaten by Mary Jane
while sucking Tyces cock and licking his nuts and asshole. Alisha makes out
with Mary Jane before Mary hops on Tyces cock in cowgirl. Alisha is such a
great little helper. While Tyce is fucking Mary, Alisha hops on Tyce's face,
then gets with Mary again while Tyce fucks Mary's ass. Alisha does ass to
mouth cock sucking to mix things up. She even does ball washing and ass to
mouth while Mary is being ass fucked in cowgirl. Alisha pulls Tyce's cock
out of Mary's ass and has him cum all over Mary Jane's ass, pussy and
Alisha's mouth. It's scenes like this that are bringing down color lines in
this country.

David is taking Alisha for a test run so to speak. Wasting no time at all,
he throws Alisha on the bed, munches her clit and fingers her asshole.
Alisha sucks his cock, licks his balls and cleans his asshole. In return, he
fucks her asshole in several positions before cumming on Alisha's face.

This is one of the better comp tapes going because it is composed of Seymore
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