Uranus Experiement

From: "abe" 
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Subject: Review: Private Uranus Experiment

123 min 3/99
Starring Sylvie Saint, Wanda Curtis, and others

Review: It's not quite what I expected especially with the hyped trailers.
Before I saw the movie, I could not wait until it would be released in May
but on second thought I will save my money.
It is not the best of the private movies that have been recently released.
However, it is better than the bomb Secrets of the Kamasutra. The blowjobs
are well done and facials are ample but the sex more than any other private
movies I have seen is mechanical. There is no emotion (fake or real) like
the likes of Seymore's Tushy Movies or Christmas Orgy. Most of the girls
were pretty as usual but the main thing is that they have the worst dubbing
possible. It is BAD.
I did not really see a zero g cumshot. If the sex in space with the
scientist is the cumshot, it looked like a regular cumshot only a little
slower (due to the slow motion of the camera?).

Well, it was not that great.

I recommend the following private videos
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