Rocoo's True Anal Stories 3

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Title   : Rocco's True Anal Stories 3
Company : Evil Empire\Rocco Siffredi
Director: Rocco Siffredi
Cast    : Nicolleta Nera, Orsoia, Olga, Anita, Greta, Vivien, Monica,
   Margareth, Levent, Jean Pierre Armand, Philippe Jaquelinette,
          David Perry, Mike Foster, Leslie, Philipe Soine, Rocco 
Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Released: Late 98
# Of Scenes With Condom: 0/4
Rating: on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 the hottest.
Plot: 4 unrelated sex scenes featuring hot young all natural Euro 
babes doing some pretty nasty stuff.
Note: I had a problem with identifying the casts' names and their roles,
since they are not credited by their picture. Also there is an
inconsistency between the names of some of the girls here and their names
in other films and on the box cover of this video. Here are the names of
these girls as given to us in other films and which I will refer to while
giving description of each scene. Melonia, Noelle, Olga, Marylin, Bolivia
Samsonite, Nikki Blue. I also won't give the exact detailed description of
each scene since so much goes on that it would make my review long and
boring, so i just point out the high lights.

Scene 1: "Strange Day On The Set" Nikki Blue, cute blonde , Rocco,
Phillipe J.;
Both girls have great bodies, I don't know what the name of
the blonde girl is since the name issue is just a mess in this film,
but she is pretty cute, too bad she does not do anal here but makes up for
it by giving multiple A2Ms. Nikki looks very hot and gets an ass fuckin'
from Rocco that she will soon not forget, lots of tunnels shots from her
gaping hole, at one point Rocco empties an entire bottle of lube into her
ass and proceeds to fuck her senseless. The cute blonde also gets a full
bottle of lube poured down her stretched pussy and when Rocco proceeds to
fuck her in pile driver position the lube gushes out of her pussy into her
mouth. Pretty damn hot. Rocco is pretty aggressive with Nikki and slaps
her face and ass hard as well spiting in her mouth and asshole. Volcanic
scene. Rating 5.

Scene 2: "Olga And The Starnge Visitors" Olga, Rocco, David Perry,
Mike Foster, Leslie, Phillipe J;
Rocco finds this petite cute brunette whom he also fucked in RTAS2, and
goes to her place, she gives him a quick BJ and Rocco cums pretty quick!
Then 4 jail break guys show up in chains and cuffs and Olga asks them to
fuck her. And do they ever. All guys take turn fucking her pussy in
missionary before it turns into an anal gangbang. She gets DPed multiple
times in doggie and RAC as well with some pretty good tunnel shots. The
scene ends with 3 of the guys unloading their cum on her pretty face and
into her mouth which leaves a mess on her face and tits, the other guy
cums on her pussy in RC. No emphasized A2M here but if you follow the guys
it's all there. Very hot scene. Rating 4.5 .

Scene 3: "Beauty Salon for Hookers Only" Bolivia Samsonite,
Marylin, Phillipe Soine, Jean Pierre Armand;
There are two other girls in this scene one blonde and one brunette, the
blonde just gives a BJ, the brunette who also is on the box cover just
gets a massage. No anal for Bolivia here, sorry guys for bad news, but she
looks damn cute. Marylin gets her holes stretched in various position
including some DP along with tunnel shots. The scene ends with guys
cumming on the pussy of the blonde chick and the other two girls' faces.
Hot scene but I wish someone would fuck the leaving crap out of Bolivia's
ass, it's been long over due. Rating 4.

Scene 4: "When We Meet Rocco.." Melonia, Noelle (A.K.A. Monic), Rocco;
Rocco finds these two cute brunettes on streets and takes them to his
place for some nasty sex. The two babes dress up in leather and get a hot
ass rimming from Rocco, both girls take it in the ass in different
positions as well as getting the S & S (Slap and Spit) treatment from
Rocco. Lots of A2Ms for both girls and Melonia even fingers her own ass
and does A2M, you nasty babe, and let's not forget the tunnel shots.
Noelle gets DPed with Rocco in her ass and a dildo shoved in her pussy by
Melonia, the two girls also share a double headed dildo in their asses.
The facial ends this hot scene by Rocco cumming on Melonia's hands which
she uses to lotion up Noelle's face. Damn hot. Rating 4.5.

    The End

Comments: Another great one from Rocco. Had I not seen RTAS4 I would
say that this series keeps getting better, but RTAS4 was the weakest one
in this series. However RTAS3 is the best in this series so far. Lots of
anal, A2M, tunnel shots, and nasty sex the way that only Rocco can
deliver. I don't get the point of spiting in the faces though, is that
supposed to be erotic? The names of the girls, again, are hard to figure
out from the given cast list. So I took the liberty of naming the girls
based on their performances in other flicks. I recommend this tape to all
the Rocco fans and anal lovers.

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