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Justin's Reviews. Review # 3 "The Filthy Rich"

Title: The Filthy Rich
Company: Caberello
Year: 1981
Running Time: 80 minutes
Director: Michael Zen
Cast: Vanessa Del Rio, Samantha Fox, Jesie St. James, Lisa De Leeuw,
      Jack Wrangler, Huebert (Herschel) Savage, Randy West, R.J. Reynolds,
      George Paine, and Danny Hazelwood.

 Well, this is my first review of a Golden Age title. I guess viewing
Golden Age flicks takes some getting used to after being bombarded with
modern porn. Although the production value of this flick was excellent (it 
actually reminded me of a good mainstream film), the sex was lacking.

Plot: Samantha Fox and Jack Wrangler play a rich couple who have just about
      everything they could possibly want except a good sex life. On the 
      other hand, the maid and the butler have a good sex life, but not much
      else. The two couples decide to trade places for a day. The film 
      revolves around the happenings after the couples switch places.

Scene Lineup:

 1. Jesie St. James and Herschel Savage.
 2. Samantha Fox and Jack Wrangler.
 3. Vanessa Del Rio and Herschel Savage.
 4. Jesie St. James (solo).
 5. Jesie St. James and Randy West.
 6. Lisa De Leeuw and Herschel Savage.
 7. Samantha Fox and Jack Wrangler.
 8. Vanessa Del Rio, R.J. Reynolds, and George Paine (implied rape).
 9. The entire cast excluding Danny Hazelwood. 

Scene 1:

 Herschel Savage and Jesie St. James play butler and maid. When the scene
starts, Jesie is laying on her back clinging to a stuffed animal while 
Herschel licks her pussy. She moans enthusiastically and seems to be pleased
with the attention she is receiving. The couple enters a missionary position 
and eventually end up doing a reverse cowgirl as well as standard cowgirl. 
During the duration of the scene, there is much dirty talk as Herschel 
exclaims "Tell Daddy you want him to fuck you harder, bitch!" (On a side 
note: they are not related in real life, or in this story). Finally they 
enter a doggie position and Herschel pulls out dumping his load on Jesie's
butt. Jesie takes some of the cum on her fingers and pretends to lick it.
 I'm sure this plays well on cable, but it is quite lacking for a hardcore 
scene. There are NO explicit full body shots, and few closeups. There is 
only one penetration shot as Herschel enters her pussy from the cowgirl 
position. Otherwise, the camera bounces back and fourth between a tight shot 
of the action and tight shots of the actor's reactions and facial 
expressions. There was also looping of the explicit shots.

Scene 2:

 This scene takes place between Jack Wrangler and Samantha Fox. It is 
inter cut with the first scene and is just as lame. Jack licks her pussy 
briefly, and they end up in a reverse cowgirl. Jack keeps his pants on 
so it is impossible to see the penetration. There are no hardcore closeups,
and the cum shot is hidden.

Scene 3:

 Vanessa Del Rio, the new chef, and Herschel have some fun on the kitchen
table. Shortly after Herschel asks for a "twat sandwich", Vanessa is in the
kitchen while he is chowing down on her snatch. Vanessa seemed to enjoy the
tonuge action a lot more than the actual fuck itself, which was pretty 
uninspiring. She blows him for a bit, there is some looping here as well.
They end up fucking reverse cowgirl and missionary. She jacks Herschel off
with her hand. It looks as though a drop may have hit her in the face, but 
it is hard to tell. She licks the remaining cum off his hard cock. 
 This scene was ruined by lack of a good performance and poor lighting 
conditions which made it difficult to see clearly. Although the camera 
positions were slightly better. There were explicit full body shots as well 
as closeups.

Scene 4:

 Jesie St. James is alone in the bedroom staring at herself in a small 
hand mirror. She looks hot wearing only a navy blue bikini top and bottom. 
She starts masturbating slowly by rubbing her breasts. Her attention is 
soon focused on her vaginal area. She watches in the mirror as she fingers 
herself gently. Then she takes the handle end of the mirror and inserts it! 
She pulls it in and out several times before coming to a loud climax. 
 This scene is inter cut with the Vanessa/Herschel scene above. Despite the 
fact that it was inter cut, I thought it was one of the better scenes on the 

Scene 5:

 After drinking some wine laced with Spanish Fly, Jesie is hornier than 
ever. She starts masturbating on the porch and naturally the pool man, Randy 
West, is interested. They chat briefly, and then get down to the sex. Jesie 
rubs some oil on his cock and starts to jack him off. After Randy removes 
his clothes, she licks his asshole and balls from behind before inhaling his 
stiff cock in her mouth. Jesie puts on Randy's yellow shirt and bends over 
for him. He eats her pussy from behind and gives her asshole a few short 
licks. Now the couple ends up in a brief doggie type position. There is no 
visible cum shot from West and there are no explicit shots of the sex.
 This scene sucks. It is inter cut with the Lisa/Herschel scene below and 
is also inter cut with dialog later on in the movie. When viewed in 
chronological order, the scene seems like it goes on for quite some time,
but we only see quick tidbits inter cut with dialog and scene six.

Scene 6:

 Lisa De Leeuw shows up to sell some sexy products to the frustrated rich 
couple. Herschel Savage poses as his master and ends up in bed with Miss
De Leeuw. In my opinion, Lisa is the hottest chick on this tape. It's a 
shame we didn't get to see more from her. Anyway, she puts on a special 
lipstick and starts giving Herschel a blowjob. His once limp cock becomes
stiff with pleasure in her mouth. He returns the favor by sucking her hot 
snatch. After a too short oral session, she mounts his cock in the reverse
cowgirl position and rides. Lisa chucks off all her clothes except for her 
red boots. She looks totally HOT in this scene. Herschel enters her pussy
from behind and "rides her". He quickly pulls out and Lisa manages to jack
him off into her hand.
 I loved this scene. Lisa is gorgeous and looks absolutely stunning with 
those sexy red boots. If only all the scenes were this good...

Scene 7:

 Now the film cuts back to the "club" where Samantha and Jack are undergoing
"therapy" to improve their sex lives. A strange Hitler like figure (Danny
Hazelwood, I presume) coaches them. In some funny dialog, he instructs 
Samantha to say words like "cock", "dick", and "prick" out loud. Two women
from the audience play with Jack's cock, and a man kisses Samantha's 
breasts. The couple eventually end up together. Samantha gives Jack a 
blowjob, and manages to lick his balls a bit. There are great explicit 
closeups, but few full body shots. They switch to missionary and Samantha 
finally has an orgasm. The audience cheers as Jack pulls out and dumps a 
load on her stomach. The couple kiss and caress each other lovingly at the 
 This scene was all right. The inter cutting was annoying as usual and the 
lack of full body shots made it seem worse. There was also some discrete 
looping, but nothing unbearable. 

Scene 8:

 Scene eight contains some references to rape. I've heard complaints that it 
has been edited out of newer copies of the film, but it was intact on my
tape. Apparently, Blowfish sells the edited copies. They claim to receive 
their stock directly from the manufacturer implying that the manufacturer 
was responsible for the cutting. I'm not sure about other companies, but 
older copies should have the scene intact.

 Vanessa Del Rio is taken into the basement by two burglars (R.J. Reynolds
and George Paine) who show up at the house. One of the burglars sprays her 
with oil and rips off her night gown. Her hands are tied and and she 
struggles violently to free herself. One of the rapists begins to munch on
her muff. The two men untie her and push her to the bottom of the bed. While
one enters her pussy from the front, the other enters her ass for a great 
DP sequence. Later, she is forced to blow the rapist's cock and lick up the
cum. A short, but excellent scene.

Scene 9:

 The rich couple returns home to find the new cook has been raped, and the 
household staff has been fucking up a storm. They invite everyone to dinner
where Samantha shows up in some weird costume. Lisa has on an Indian head
dress, and everyone else just looks plain weird. They play with their food
(literally) and Samantha gets on the table for the fingering of a lifetime!
Jack stands up and jacks off on everybody and the movie ends on that happy


 I didn't like this film. Too much dialog, too little sex. The sex that was
included was pretty lame. The only real scenes worth watching would be the
solo with Jesie St. James, and the Lisa/Herschel scene. The rape scene is 
also pretty cool, if you can get a hold of it. The sets were very elaborate
and it was obvious the producers at Caberello had a big budget with lots 
to spend. Otherwise it sucked as a porn flick. Probably not worth the 
purchase unless you happen to be a fan of one of the above mentioned 

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